"A Closer Walk" Documentary Film Showing
 "A Closer Walk" Screening
 "How to Approach an Ethics Case"
 "How to Get Into Medical School" Panel
 "M2 Tips: Med School Survival Workshop for Anatomy"
 "MED SCHOOL" Tees Fundraiser
 "Rocks for Docs"
 "Sicko" viewing for med. students
 "Spicing up Your Sex Life"
 "The Psychology of a Medical Student"
 “The (Ancient) Art of Preventative Medicine” Lecture by Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya
 08/16 and 08/17 AMSA Book sale
 1st Annual Domestic Violence Training Seminar
 1st Annual Windsor AMSA Conference
 1st year orientation events
 2006 AIDS Walk for the New Mexico AIDS Services
 2007 AIDS Week of Action
 2007 AIDS Week of Action--Info table/call in campaign/ribbon sales
 2007 AIDS Week of Action--Lunch speaker
 2007 AIDS Week of Action--wrap up party
 2007 Michigan Healthcare Rally - The Pursuit of Healthiness
 2007 Minority Health Conference - "Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers: Transforming Minority Healthcare"
 2nd Annual Student/Faculty Wine Tasting
 2nd Year Pathophysiology Info Session
 4th Annual AMSA/AMWA Residency Fair
 5 on 5 Hoop It Up
 5th Annual Mount Sinai Community Health Fair
 6th Annual Health Care on Wheels Health Fair
 9th Annual 4th St. Clinic Triathlon & 5K
 A Cause for Cocktails... and Cathexis
 A Closer Walk Film Viewing & Letter Writing Campaign
 A cut of surgical residency for you, or is it?
 A Day Into Medicine
 A Doctors' Union???
 A New Paradigm in Body/Mind Healing
 A Primary Care Physician’s Take on Primary Care
 Access for All: Advocacy & Activism in Healthcare
 Activities Fair Recruitment Booth
 Adolescent Sexuality Lunch
 Advocacy Elective
 African Health Capacity Act - Awareness and Advocacy
 African Street Festival
 AIDS Action Week - Art Display
 AIDS Action Week - Evening Film Screenings
 AIDS Action Week - Volunteer at Bryan's House
 AIDS Advocacy and the Patient Perspective
 AIDS and Global Health: A case study
 AIDS Awareness Dinner
 AIDS Awareness Lapel Pin Sale
 AIDS awareness movie screening and speaker
 AIDS awareness ribbons and Posters
 AIDS Awareness Week
 AIDS Awareness Week
 AIDS Day 2006
 AIDS Day of Action
 AIDS in Action
 AIDS in the Arts
 AIDS in the Arts Concert
 AIDS Walk
 AIDS Walk
 AIDS Walk Los Angeles
 AIDS Week
 AIDS Week Bake Sale for Nyumbani Orphanage
 AIDS Week Microbicide Letterwriting Campaign
 AIDS Week of Action
 AIDS Week of Action
 AIDS Week of Action
 AIDS Week Programming
 AIDS Workshop
 AIMU AMSA Movie Night ! " Roll out the Red Carpet"
 Alafia Theater Project
 Alaska Medical Missions (AMM)
 Allegheny County Council Smokefree Hearing
 AMSA 2006 Residency Fair
 AMSA Advocacy Elective
 AMSA AIDS Week of Action
 AMSA and the AARP
 AMSA Apparel Sale
 AMSA Book Sale
 AMSA Book Sale
 AMSA Booksale
 AMSA Bowling Night
 AMSA Bowling Night
 AMSA Breakfast Club
 AMSA Breast Cancer Awareness Lunchtime Talk
 AMSA Brown Bag Series: What is Pharm-Free
 AMSA Chapter - Israel Conference
 AMSA Chapter - Israel Conference
 AMSA Community Care Health Fair- Grand Anse
 AMSA Community Care Health Fair- St. George's
 AMSA Global AIDS Week
 AMSA Health Care for America Campaign - Illinois State Lobby Day
 AMSA Healthcare Day of Action
 AMSA Holiday Drive for IFH Families
 AMSA Intro Event at CCLCM
 AMSA Intro Lunch
 AMSA intro lunch
 AMSA Leaders' Potluck
 AMSA lunch talk
 AMSA Medical Mentorship Program
 AMSA Medical Mentorship Program
 AMSA Movie Night
 AMSA National Convention 2006, Chicago
 AMSA NPCW - Lecture Series
 amsa npcw fundraiser party
 AMSA orientation party
 AMSA Pediatric Obesity Lecture Series
 AMSA PharmFree Campaign Lecture Series
 AMSA PharmFREE Day Presentation and "No Free Lunch" Free Lunch
 AMSA Pharm-Free Day: Counterdetailing
 AMSA Practice Practical
 AMSA Pre-Med/Med Buddy program – Holy Cross
 AMSA Presents: Boards
 AMSA Presents: How to Excel on the Wards
 AMSA Programs Barbecure Fundraiser
 AMSA Recruitment Event
 AMSA recruitment lunch
 AMSA Recruitment Lunch Talk
 AMSA Residency Fair
 AMSA Residency Fair
 AMSA residency fair reminder calling
 AMSA Scavenger Hunt
 AMSA Sea-Couver Health Policy Study Tour
 AMSA SFSU Social Event
 AMSA SFSU Spring Recruitment Meeting
 AMSA shadowing week
 AMSA Social
 AMSA Social
 AMSA sponsored showing of "Supersize Me"
 AMSA Swamp Social with Organizational Fair
 AMSA Teddy Bear Clinic
 AMSA Test Packets 2006-2007
 AMSA Trick-or-Treat
 AMSA USC Blood Drive
 AMSA Used Book Fair
 AMSA Used Book Sale
 AMSA Used Textbook Service/Sale
 AMSA Valentine's Day Date Auction
 AMSA White Coat Embroidery Fundraiser
 AMSA/AMA Universal Healthcare Debate
 AMSA@FAU Kick-Off Party
 AMSA-Health Policy Elective
 AMSA's Guide to the 2006 Elections
 AMSA's International Medical Corps. visit to UF College of Medicine
 AMSA's National Obesity Awareness Day
 AMSA's Sophie Davis Midnight Run
 AMSA's Webinar: Drs. Atul Gawande & Donald Berwick - the WHO Surgical Checklist Luncheon
 An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor…Informed
 An Evening with Dr. Kenneth Edelin: Abortion and Women's health in the time of Roe and today
 An Invonvenient Truth Movie Screening
 Anatomy Memorial Event
 Anatomy Practice Practical
 Annual AMSA Instrument Sale
 Annual Equipment Sale
 Archie Bunker's Neighborhood
 Arizona Universal Health Care Bill
 Arlington National Health Care Day of Service
 Art in Medicine exibitions
 Asthma Prevention and Education Program
 Ayurvedic Medicine Focus Month
 Back pack fundraiser for Bonairian elementary school kids
 Bake Sale Fundraiser for Domestic Violence Organization
 Balancing Children with Medicine Panel
 Balancing Relationships with Medicine Panel
 Bar Night Social Fundraiser
 Barbecue Fundraiser!
 Barriers to accessing health care for the LGBT community
 Basic Life Support/First Aid Training
 BBQ / Med-student mentor social
 Benefit Concert for the Children's Hospital of Boston
 Benefit Concert for the Children's Hospital of Boston
 Benefit Musical Concert
 Better World Books
 Better World Books Donation
 Betty Ford Clinic Summer Institute
 Beyond "Men, Women, or Both"
 Biddeford Soup Kitchen & Donation
 Big Sib/Lil Sib Social
 Big Sibs Exam Extravaganza
 Big Sibs Kickoff
 Big Sibs Kickoff!
 Bioethics Conference- "Defining Do No Harm for Tomorrow's Healthcare Providers"
 Bioethics movie screening
 Bird-dogging at a rally
 Blanket and Coat Drive
 Blood Drive
 Blood Drive
 Blood Pressure Clinic
 Blood pressure clinic
 Blood Pressure Training
 BLS Book Collection- Central Asia
 Boards and Wards
 Bone Marrow Talk
 Book Drive for Africa!
 Book Sale
 Bookdrive (Better World Books/WorldFund partnership)
 Books for Africa Book Drive
 Boxtops for Education
 BP Volunteer Full Service Day
 Breast Cancer Awareness Speaker's Series
 Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Pin Sale
 Breast cancer pink ribbon pins
 Breast Cancer Screening Panel
 Broken Bread Meal/Movie Screening
 Brownies for M1s/M2s
 Bruin Health Week
 BUDDIES Program
 Building Tomorrow Pancake Breakfast
 Burning Bed Movie Screening
 BUSM Redbook
 Cadaver Day
 Candlelight Vigil for the Uninsured
 Candy Grams
 Cards for Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital
 Care of the DV survivor in the ER setting
 Career Day
 Career Day at Rise Academy
 Career/Health Fair
 Carenet Speaker
 Care-package Project for 2nd years (pre-boards)
 Caring for Your Hispanic Patients: AMSA collaborates with the Women and Infants Family Van
 Casting Workshop
 Casting/Splinting Skills Workshop
 Celebrate National Coming Out Day
 Chalk It Up!
 Chaparral House Nursing Home
 Chapter Kick-Off Meeting
 Charity Ball
 Childhood Hunger in Oklahoma
 Children's Halloween Party
 Children's Health Fair at Stone Soup Fresno
 Children's Sport Day
 Cholesterol and Diabetes Screening Project
 CIR: What to expect as a Resident
 Civic Professionalism: Healing Beyond the Exam Room
 Clearing the Confusion on Local Health Care Reform: What health care reform means for Providence Health Care in Spokane WA, and smaller surrounding areas.
 Clerkship Info Panel
 Cliff Notes for Principles of Disease
 Climbing to the top: Steps to persuing higher education and the heath sciences
 Clinic Day
 Clinical Skills Instrument Sale
 Clinical Workshops
 Clothesline Project
 Club Fair
 Collaborative Sahsa Health Initiative
 collecting empty ink cartridges
 Coming Out As An Ally Day
 Coming Out Day Event
 Coming Out Panel
 Common Good Day
 Community Day
 Community Health Day
 Community Health Fair
 Community Health Fair
 Community Health Initiative – Broadening Outreach
 Complementary and Alternative Medicine
 Complementary and Alternative Medicine Fair
 Complementary/Alternative Medicine Focus Month
 Complexities of Drug Rep-Physician Relationship
 Condom Outreach Packet Distribution
 Confessions of a Former Pharm Rep
 Conflict and Global Health: Impact on Health Care
 Convention Meeting
 Cost-Shifting in the U.S. Health Care System
 Counseling Section
 Court St. Outreach Project-Hlth Fair for Homeless Vets
 Cover Everyone
 Cover everyone campaign
 Cover the Uninsured Health Fair
 Cover the Uninsured Week
 Cover the Uninsured Week
 Cover the Uninsured Week 2006
 CPR Certification
 Creative Writing and Medicine
 Cross Over Clinic Holiday Decorations
 Cultural Competency
 Cultural Competency Week
 Cultural Crossroads
 CV workshop
 D.O. Day at Home
 Deaf Culture Series
 Defending Dignity at UIC
 Diabetes and Blood Pressure Screenings
 Diabetes Education/Insurance Education
 Diabetes Walk 2006
 Diagnosis Domestic Violence
 Disabilities Awareness Week
 Disabilities Awareness Week
 Discussion with current and former pharmaceutical representatives
 Diverse Doctor and Patient Series
 Diversity in Medicine
 DMU Campus Visit and Lobbying for the Physician Sunshine Act
 DO Day on the Hill Recruitment
 Dog Lab Debate
 Dog Lab Panel
 Domestic Violence Awareness Luncheon
 Domestic Violence Awareness Month Lunch event
 Domestic Violence Awareness Week
 Domestic Violence Awareness Workshop
 Domestic Violence in our Community and in the Health Care Arena
 Dr. Patch Adams: The Joy of Caring
 Dr. Rosenthal “The Psychology of Terrorism”
 Drop the Debt Awareness
 Drop the Debt Invest in People Jubilee USA Network Tour 2006
 Eating Healthy for Medical Students
 Election Guide
 Elections Mass Meeting
 Elective on End of Life Care
 Elmcrest Elementary School Health Fair
 Elon AMSA Social Interest Meeting
 Emergency Contraception
 Empty White Coat Rally & Broken Bread Meal
 EMS Night
 Endorphin Power Co. Presentation
 Endorphin Power Co. Presentation
 Engeye Health Clinic
 Environmental Health Awareness Series
 Equal Access Clinic 5K race and silent auction
 Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy
 Ethical issues related to the pharmaceutical industry
 Exam Week Snack Sale Fundraiser
 Face and Places of the Uninsured
 Face-to-Face AIDS
 Faculty Discussion: Relationship Between Medicine and the Pharmaceutical Industry
 Faith Panel
 Fall Health Fair
 Fall Intramural Sports
 Fall Semester Book Sale
 Fall Used Book Sale
 Film Series and Discussion: Rx for Survival
 First Annual Medical School Fair
 First annual student/faculty wine tasting
 First Business Meeting
 First Year Orientation Luncheon
 First Year Orientation Pool Party
 FIT for Health
 Flu Shots for Chicago's Homeless
 Flu Vaccine Drive and Injection Training
 Fluoride Varnish for Underserved Children
 Focus on Pharmaceuticals week
 Food for Healing
 Food for Healing
 Food Sale at School Concert
 Fox Foundation Fashion Show
 Freshman Recruitment Drive
 Friday Night Friends
 Fridge Fundraiser
 From Bench to Bedside: HIV vaccine Research
 Fundraiser for Haiti to support earthquake relief
 Gay 101
 Gay? Fine by me.
 General Meeting (elections, powerpoint reviewing convention and "what next" for chapter...)
 General Membership Meeting
 Genetics/Neuro/Nutrition Panel
 Geriatric Health Fair.
 Get Out the Vote: The Prevention First Act
 Getting to Know Cleveland Scavenger Hunt
 Getting to Know Cleveland Scavenger Hunt
 Glaucoma Screening at Asian Health Fair
 Glaucoma Screening Training event
 GLBT Healthcare Panel
 Global Access to Pharmaceuticals
 Global AIDS Action Week - Overview
 Global AIDS Day 2006
 Global AIDS event - AIDS in the community
 Global AIDS Week
 Global AIDS Week of Action
 Global AIDS Week of Action
 Global AIDS Week of Action
 Global Health Awareness Elective
 Global Health Care Worker Shortage and How to Help
 Global Health Fair
 Global Health Fair
 Global Health Lunch & Learn
 Global Health Luncheon Series
 Global Health Movie Night
 Global Health Potluck for Madness Against Malaria campaign
 Global Health Week
 Global HIV/AIDS Symposium
 Global Hunger & Poverty Week
 Global Night Commute - Invisible Childrens Campaign
 Go Red!
 Graduate School Personal Statement Course
 Grand prize Raffle --Movie or Cake?!
 Great Recruiting and Community Explorations
 Great Recruiting and Community Explorations
 Green Hospitals: UH's Vision 2010
 Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere Party
 Guest Speaker: Former California State Senator Sheila Kuehl
 Guest Speaker: Physician
 Halloween Canned Food Drive
 Harm Reduction: Addressing the Health Care Needs of Injection Drug Users
 Harwell Elementary School Coat Drive
 Have a Heart Campaign 2006: for Universal Health Care
 HCOP Petition
 Health and Educational Disparities in Ghana
 Health Care Access Coalition
 Health Care Access week/Self Care Week
 Health Care Disparities and the Syracuse Community: Knowledge to Action
 Health Care for All Fundraiser Event
 Health Care for America Campaign
 Health Care for America campaign
 Health Care for America Campaign Lobby Day
 Health Care for America- NM State Legislature Lobbying
 Health Care Issues for Same Sex Partners
 Health Care Reform 2008
 Health Care Reform and Single Payer National Healthcare Program
 Health Careers Explorer Post 141
 Health Cares About Domestic Violence Arts and Crafts Day
 Health Cares about Domestic Violence series
 Health Disparities: What future docs need to know
 Health Education at the Juvenile Detention Center
 Health Education for Vermont Dairy Workers
 Health Equity Circle Founding Assembly
 Health Fair
 Health Fair
 Health Fair 2007
 Health Fair for the Homeless
 Health for All: Walk-a-thon and Health Fair
 Health Outreach's Smoke Out
 Health Policy & a Pint
 Health Policy for Dummies Elective
 Health Policy Lecture Series 2006
 Health Policy Lecture Series: Overview of Health Insurance & Strategies to Increase Access
 Health Policy Lecture Series: Strategies to Increase Access
 Health Policy Lunch Lecture
 Health Policy Made Ridiculously Simple Elective
 Health Policy Trivia Night
 Health policy week
 Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Program
 Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Program (HPREP)
 Health Reform
 Health Screening: Know Your Numbers Campaign
 Healthcare 101
 Healthcare for the Homeless
 Healthcare Rally
 Healthcare Reform, Universal Healthcare
 Healthy Cookbook Fundraiser
 Healthy Habits Week (aka Love Thyself by Helping Others Out)
 High School Health Talk
 HIV Outreach Packet Assembly
 HIV Test Counseling
 HIV/AIDS Awareness Event
 HIV/AIDS Discussion Forum
 HIV/AIDS in Brooklyn Panel
 HIV/AIDS, the Millenium Development Goals, and the Health Workers Crisis
 HIV/AIDS: A human rights legal perspective
 Hospice Volunteering Training Program
 How AMSA can take YOU to the next Level
 How We Are Building Tomorrow
 Human Health & Well-being in an Age of Environmental Change
 Human Rights in the Bedouin Communities of the Negev
 Human Rights Week
 Human Trafficking
 Human Trafficking in New York City: A Day of Training for Medical Students and Clinicians
 Human Trafficking: Identifying and Treating Victimized Patients
 Humanistic Medicine CAM LTP Presentation
 Humanistic Medicine Retreat
 HuMed Student Wellness event: Team Building Ropes Course
 HuMed Student Wellness Week: Medical Student Crash Course in Nutrition: What I absolutely need to know for my patients
 HuMed Student Wellness Week: Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction
 HuMed Student Wellness Week: Dance Movement Therapy
 HuMed Student Wellness Week: Massage Techniques Workshop
 Hunger Awareness Week Luncheon
 Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts in Biloxi MS
 Hurricane Katrina- Two Doctors’ Stories
 IFMSA Standing Comittee on Research Exchange (SCORE)
 IM Injection Training and Flu Vaccine Drive
 Immigration, Medicine, & Adolescent Health
 Impacting Curricular Reform - A Primer on Health Equity
 In Your Own Words
 In-District Meeting with Senator Chafee
 In-District Meeting with Senator Roberts' office
 Influenza vaccines
 Informational lunch on Proposal 2
 Informational Session
 Inspirational Welcome Speaker
 Instrument fair
 Instrument Sale
 Instrument Sale
 Instrument Sale
 Instrument Sale
 Integrating CAM into an allopathic practice
 Integrative Health Lecture and Workshop Series
 Integrative Medicine Seminar Series
 Integrative Medicine Week
 International Elective Reception
 Intramural Sports
 Intramural Sports Sign up
 Intro to AMSA
 Intro to Single Payer Healthcare
 Introduction to AMSA
 Introduction to Ayurveda
 Iron Chef Competition
 It's Fun to Be Fit!
 Jay Bhatt our AMSA National President
 Jelly Bean Guessing Game
 Jingle Bell 5K run
 Jingle Bell 5K Run and Walk and Let's Get Moving! Kids Mile
 John Skinner to talk about Doctor Shortage
 Junior Medical League: Addressing the Minority Healthcare Disparity
 Just say KNOW: Drug Companies, Healthcare, and Society
 Juvenile Health Education training
 Kaplan & Princeton Review Auctions
 Kaplan Board Preparation Information Session
 Kaplan MACT Prep Class Auction
 KC Rally for Darfur
 Keeping Your New Year's Resolution Part 1
 Keeping Your New Year's Resolution Part 2
 Kent State Relay for Life
 Key note Speaker: Congressman Kucinich (D-OH) at Region 4, 6 conference
 kunder rrymes
 Lang Youth Homework Help
 Language Interpreter's Workshop
 Leadership and Involvement Meeting
 Legislative Advocacy Training
 Letter Signing to President Bush and Senator Clinton
 LGBT Ally Training
 LGBT Awareness in the Medical School Curriculum
 LGBT Health Awareness Week
 LGBT Health Awareness Week 2007
 LGBT Health Awareness Week 2007
 LGBT Health Disparities Panel
 LGBT Health Week
 LGBT Issues in Medicine
 LGBT People in Medicine Week
 LGBTI Health Matters
 Linking Mental Health Services to Urban Youth Living in Poverty
 Lobby Day
 Lobby Day
 Lobby Day in Sante Fe: Health Coverage for All New Mexicans Committee public hearing
 Lobbying at the Capitol
 Lobbying for RIte Care in RI
 Lobbying for Universal Healthcare
 Lobbying workshop
 Lobbying Workshop
 local and global issues surrounding HIV/AIDS, access to medication and health policy
 Local HIV/AIDS Issues in Lubbock, TX
 Love Doctor Valentine's Day Booth: International Outreach Project Fundraiser
 Love Me Do Week
 Love Your Body Week
 Lubbock Career Expo
 Lunch with Jay (AMSA's National President)
 Lunchtime Lecture
 MAC Premedical Forum
 Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle as a Medical Student
 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk
 Malaria Awareness Day
 Malaria Bed Nets Fundraiser
 Malaria Nets
 Malaysia: The impact of culture and socioeconomic factors on healthcare
 MCAT Informational Session
 MCAT Prep Course
 MCW Community Health Fair
 MD Camp
 MedDOCs: A Unique Approach to Recruiting Minority Students to Medicine
 Medical Activism: Then and Now
 Medical Debt Seminar by Graduate Leverage
 Medical Dinner: Premeds, Medical Students, and Physicians
 Medical Education Time-line
 Medical Equipment Sale
 Medical Equipment Sale
 Medical Glass Art Piece
 Medical Malpractice: Crushing Burden or Red Herring
 Medical School Admissions Workshop
 Medical School Panel
 Medical Student Panel
 Medical Student/Pre-med Social
 Meet and Greet
 Meet and Greet with CIR
 Membership Drive
 Michigan Health Care Rally: The Power of Prevention
 MichUHCAN Health Care Security Campaign Talk
 Microbicide Letter Writing Campaign
 Midnight Run Bakesale
 Military Forum
 Military Medicine: is it right for you?
 Military Torture and Medicine: Cross-disciplinary Perspectives on the Occurrence & Ramifications of Torture
 Mindfulness Meditation
 Minority Affairs Committee Premedial Forum
 Mock - Interview
 Models of Primary Care
 More than Medicine
 MoreHouse School of Medicine Trip
 Movie viewing of SiCKO
 Mt. Gay Mental Hospital Visits
 mustache relay
 National Coming Out ( As An Ally) Day Quilt
 National Coming Out and Ally Day
 National Coming Out as an Ally Day
 National Coming Out Day
 National Coming Out Day LGBT Awareness event
 National Coming Out Day: Free Donuts!
 National Coming out Day: LGBT Health Disparities
 National LGBT Health Awareness Week
 National Melanoma Awareness Project
 National Pharm-Free Day in 3-D
 National President - Orientation Speech
 National Primary Care Week
 National Primary Care Week
 National Primary Care Week
 National Primary Care Week
 National Primary Care Week
 National Primary Care Week
 National Primary Care Week
 National Primary Care Week
 National Primary Care Week
 National Primary Care Week
 National Primary Care Week
 National Primary Care Week
 National Primary Care Week
 Nets for Nets
 Netter promotion
 New Mexico Legislature Lobby Day Info Session
 New Mexikids @ the State Fair
 New York Cares Day
 No Anchovies Fundraiser
 Northeast Region 1,2,3 Conference
 NPCW event :Why primary care is future of medicine?
 NPCW event: AIMU AMSA Luncheon hosted at Marian Old Age Home
 NPCW Lecture Series
 npcw lunch lecture Dr. Tavarez “Primary Care in the Northeastern US”
 NYMC AIDS Film Festival
 October Bash/ Fall Festival
 OHSU AMSA Film Festival
 Opportunities in the Medical Field and Networking
 Organization Fair
 Orphanage Drive
 Oxford Solidarity Ride, Ride for World Health
 Ozanam Inn Weekend Clinic
 PA Lobby Day 2007
 Paliative Care Speaker Series
 Palm Sale
 Panel Discussion on the New CDC Guidelines for HIV Screening
 Party at a bar
 Party on the Patio
 Pathobio/Psych/Pharm Info Session
 Patient Panel for Global AIDS week of Action
 Paul Ambrose Politcal Leadership Institute
 PDA info session
 PDA informational session
 PDA Sale
 Pen Pal Program
 PEPFAR Call-In Table
 Pharm Free
 Pharm Free - "No Free Lunch" Lunch - Pen Exchange
 Pharm Free Issues in Medicine
 Pharm Free Week
 Pharmaceutical Companies and You
 PharmaFree Week
 PharmFree at CCLCM
 PharmFree Awareness
 PharmFree Campaign
 PharmFree Day No Free Lunch...Free Lunch
 PharmFree Debate
 PharmFree Event
 Pharm-FREE medicine
 PharmFree Pen Giveaway
 PharmFree...the way to be
 PNHP House Party
 Portsmouth Health Fair
 Practicing Medicine in a Humanitarian Crisis: Darfur
 Pre-Med 101
 Pre-med ASU AMSA medical school talk
 Pre-Med Primary Care Panel
 Pre-Med Tour
 Premedical Fair
 Prescription for Survival
 Presidential Candidate Health-care Proposal Presentation and Debate
 Preventing Child Abuse
 Primary Care Crisis: Infant Mortality in Memphis
 Primary Care for the LGBT community
 Primary Care in Indiana
 Primary Care Panel
 Primary Care Provider Panel
 Primary Care Week
 Primary Care Week
 Primary Care Week
 Primary Care Week
 Primary Care Week Panel
 Primary Care: Employment, Service, and Reform
 Professionalism in Medicine
 Promoting Uplift to Lives of Success an Empowerment (PULSE) Enrichment Academy
 Providence High School Outreach for Careers in Medicine
 Proviso United with Loyola Students for Education Enrichment (P.U.L.S.E.)
 Proviso United with Loyola Students for Education Enrichment (P.U.L.S.E.)
 Public Health Lecture Series
 Public Health Month
 PULSE- Body Worlds field trip
 PULSE- final event-Pizza party
 PULSE Kick-Off
 PULSE- Panel of healthcare professionals
 PULSE Suturing workshop
 Qi Gong Workshop
 Quality Affordable Health Care for All
 Que for Ecuador
 Queer Medicine and Transgender 101 - Dr. Nick Gorton
 R.O.S.E.: Rapid Obesity Screening and Education
 Raise Awareness to Help End Domestic Violence
 Rally for Ban on Smoking in Public Places
 Recruitment Events
 Recruitment Fair/Meeting
 Recruitment/Social Event
 Recrutiment and Book Sale
 Reframing Global Reproductive Rights
 Refugee Camp
 Refugee Welcome Baskets
 Region 4 Humanistic Medicine Retreat
 Region 8 Conference
 Region 9 Circle of Healers
 Regional Political Leadership Insititute
 Regional Political Leadership Institute
 Reiki In Medicine
 Reiki Level 1
 Relay For Life
 Relay For Life
 Renew the Zoo
 Residency Fair
 Residency Luncheon
 Ride for World Health Benefit
 Ride for World Health fundraiser
 Rise of the Superbugs
 Roe v Wade Anniversary Speak-Out and Vigil
 Ronald McDonald House
 Ronald McDonald House Charity
 Ronald McDonald House Happy Meal
 Ronald McDonald House HAPPY MEAL
 Roundtable Discussion with Senator Whitehouse
 Run to Fun 5K
 Running Start
 Rx Vote
 Rx:Vote - Voter Registration and Information Clinic
 Safe Zone Training
 Save A Child
 SCHIP: Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask
 Scholarship BBQ Fundraiser
 School Supply Drive
 Screening of "Darwin's Nightmare"
 Screening of "The Green Reason" with Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor Tessa Venell
 Screening: Side Effects, Hosting Writer/Director Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau
 Scrub/Labcoat Sale
 Seacouver Event
 SeaCouver Presentation
 Seacouver Talk
 Semester Kick-Off
 Seminar on taking action for Global HIV/AIDS
 Sex and Your Patient Workshop
 Sexual Assault & Your Role as a Physician
 Sexual Health Information Session for adolescent females
 Sexuality in Medicine
 Sexuality in Medicine
 Sick O' The System: Press Conference and Rally
 SiCKO movie screening
 Sicko Movie Screening
 Sicko Screening
 Side Effects: May Include Knowledge
 Sign-Making Session to Prepare for Rally
 Silent Art Auction
 Single Payer and the Practicing Physician: Fact vs. Fiction. Presented by Sara Rogers and distinguished faculty
 Sisters Sharing Stories: A Conference for HIV Positive Women
 SJSM Health Fair
 Skit Night
 So you want to be a doctor....
 Social Justice BBQ
 Societal Views on the Genetics of Homosexuality
 Soup Kitchen Vitals
 South Plains Food Bank Food Drive
 Southern Comfort
 Speaker on Universal Health Care, Larry James
 Speaker: Dr. Oveta Fuller
 Sponsorship for local school science fair project
 Sports Medicine Lectures
 Spread of Global AIDS Activity
 St. David's Health Fair
 State Commission on Health Coverage Reform
 STATS Information Meeting
 STATS Meeting
 STATS Planning Meeting
 STATS recruitment lunch
 Step 2 CS workshop
 Stephani Woodhandler, PNHP
 Strategies for Expanding Health Care Access
 Stress and Wellness Event
 Stress, Sugar and Sex...What to do when you have too much of it...Lecture 1 of 3
 Stress, Sugar and Sex...What to do when you have too much of it...Lecture 2 of 3
 Student debt
 Student Loan Consolidation Speaker - Jeff Wanic
 Student Opportunities with the National Health Service Corps
 Student Organizations Fair
 Student organizations fair
 Student organizations fair
 Student Used Book Sale
 Student-to-Student: Why do you want to be a doctor?
 Summer Mixer/ Karaoke Night
 Surgery in Iraq
 Suture Clinic
 Suture Clinic
 Suturing Workshop
 Suturing workshop make up
 Swmming Education
 Talent Show 2007
 Talk onThe Consequences of Being Uninsured
 Tanana Valley State Fair
 Tar Wars
 TECH program(1st day)
 Teddy Bear Hospital
 Teen Life Conference 2006
 Tennessean Newspaper donation
 Test Packets
 The "no free lunch" free lunch
 The AIDS Memorial Quilt Comes to Wayne State!
 The Art of Roundsmanship
 The Big Sleep
 The Changing Face of Medicine
 The Changing Face of Medicine
 The Clothesline Project/Sexual Assault Awareness Day
 The Differential
 The Environmental Awareness Movie Series
 The Faces of America Project
 The Future Minority Healthcare Providers Minority Enrichment Program
 The Hunger Clean-up
 The Issue of Medical Malpractice
 The Next Step: Surving Residency
 The Pharmaceutical Industry and You!
 The Role of Medical Humanities in Contemporary Medicine
 The Run Down
 The Uninsured: Perspectives from the Frontline
 Therapeutic Yoga for Medical Students
 Think Big: Stories to Inspire
 Third Year Info Night
 Town Hall Meeting
 Town Hall Meeting 2
 Training for Glaucoma Screening
 Training for Glaucoma Screening Task Force
 Trans Day of Remembrance Talk and a Partnership with Lifelines Rhode Island: Addressing Trans Health Care
 Transamerica: Assessing the mental health needs of transgendered patients
 Transgender Health
 Transgender Patient Experiences with LA County HIV Clinics
 Transgender Talks
 Trick or Treat for Domestic Violence Awareness
 Trip to Mock Refugee Camp
 U of A COM Club Fair
 U of R's Health Care Symposium
 UA-AMSA TFD Ambulance Ride Alongs
 UCLA Universal Health Care Conference
 UCSF Medical School Tour
 UCSF/UCB Mentorship Program
 UF Health Law Forum
 UHCAN Lobby Day in Columbus
 UIC AMSA World AIDS Day Photo Extravaganza
 UIC AMSA's Empty White Coat Demonstration
 Ultrasound Training Session
 Unity Week
 Universal Health Care
 Universal Health Care Debate
 Universal Health Care Forum
 Universal Health Care Lunch
 Universal Healthcare Conference
 Universal Healthcare Forum
 Universal Healthcare Lunch and Learn
 Universal Healthcare Lunchtime Lecture Series
 Universal Healthcare: How would primary care respond to universal coverage?
 Universal Healthcare: OneCareNow Campaign
 Universities Allied for Essential Medicines
 University of Urbana-Champaign Medical School
 University of Urbana-Champaign Medical School
 Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?
 Unofficial Guide to UT Southwestern
 URAMSA End of the Year Event and Member Induction Ceremony
 Urban Speakers Bureau
 US Air Force Clinic
 Used Book Sale
 Used Book/Goods Sale
 Used Booksale
 Using a Student/Faculty Group to Ban Pharmaceutical Representatives
 USMLE Study Info - Schedules, Suggestions, Success
 USMLERx access to Second Years
 Valentine's Day T-shirts
 VCU Pediatrics Party
 Veto the Squito
 Veto the 'Squito
 Viewing of the Invisible Children DVD
 Visit to Taibeh Bedouin Community
 Volunteering at Free Clinic Bandwagon Tour
 Voter Advocacy
 Voter registration at the HSC
 Voter Registration Drive
 Voter Registration Drive
 Voter Registration Drive
 Voter Registration Drive
 Voter Registration Drive
 Watsonville Cabrillo Health Services Promotion
 Watsonville Health Fair
 Welcome to USACOM Social
 Wellness Week
 What I did last summer
 What is AMSA ?
 What is AMSA?
 What is Primary Care?
 What is Primary Care?
 White coat embroidery
 White Coat Embroidery
 White Coat Embroidery
 White Coat Embroidery
 White Coat Embroidery
 White Coat Embroidery
 White Coat Embroidery
 White Coat Embroidery & Business Card Fundraiser
 White Coat Embroidery Sale
 White Coat Embroidery Service
 White Coat Project
 Who's Your Doctor Health Fair
 Widening the Pipeline
 Widening the Pipeline
 Wine and Cheese
 Wine-tasting and Cheese fundraiser
 Winter Clothing Drive
 WISE- Wilderness Integration Sustainability Education
 Women in Medicine
 Women in medicine and the road to becoming a physician
 Women in Medicine Panel: Dr. Mom MD
 Women in Medicine speaker
 Women in Medicine: Discovering Your Path to Leadership
 Women's Health and Fitness Day
 Women's Health and Wellness
 World AIDS Day
 World Aids Day
 World AIDS Day - AIDS Memorial Quilt Display
 World AIDS Day - HIV/AIDS Awareness Presentation at Local High School
 World AIDS Day & Yale AIDS Week
 World AIDS Day 2007: PEPFAR Reform
 World AIDS Day 2008
 World AIDS Day 2008 Wine & Cheese & Raffle
 World AIDS Day 2008: Health and Human Rights in Rwanda
 World AIDS Day Advocacy
 World Aids Day at MUO!
 World Aids Day Conference
 World AIDS Day Project
 World AIDS Day Rally at Senator Clinton's Rochester Office Downtown
 World AIDS Day Ribbons
 World AIDS Day Special General Meeting
 World AIDS Day week of events
 World AIDS Day Wine and Cheese Event
 World AIDS week
 World AIDS Week
 World AIDS week fundraiser
 World TB Day Fund Drive
 Yoga seminar for health workers
 Yoplait Breast Cancer Funwalk: St Lucia Cancer society & CFL
 Youth Against AIDS Raffle

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