AMSA Career Development Program

Welcome to the AMSA Career Development Program! This program is designed to help physicians-in-training along all aspects of their career paths. See below what this program has to offer you.

DISCLAIMER: The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) provides this information strictly as a courtesy service to medical students to help them in their search for a residency program. The comments provided are solely the impressions and opinions of individuals and DO NOT represent any formal evaluation, or opinion, of AMSA about a particular institution or training program. As such, AMSA cannot assume any responsibility or liability for the veracity, or helpfulness, of the information provided. AMSA encourages students to develop their own final impressions and opinions of potential residency programs based on personal experience, exposure, and direct dialogue with programs of interest. Inasmuch, the organization applauds those people providing comment for their willingness to share information with their peers and welcomes their honest and helpful perspective.


View a Residency Assessment
AMSA members who have completed an interview at a residency program complete an online survey of their impressions of the program. The results of these surveys can help you to learn more about various programs.
Complete a Medical School Survey and/or Residency Assessment
If you are an AMSA member and have completed an interview at a residency program, we ask that you complete a survey of your impression of the program (bring this residency assessment form with you to your interviews). Your input will help fellow students learn more about various residencies. Similarly, we ask that you complete a medical school survey to share your knowledge with our premedical members. We greatly appreciate your participation.
Find or sign up as a mentor
Find a resident or alumni to mentor you, or sign up as a mentor to a premedical student.
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Medical School Student Reviews
Learn about medical schools directly from the students who go there! These candid survey results are full of information that you can get only from students themselves, not from any book. You are finally able to get a feel of what a certain school is really like. This review is a MUST for those of us students for whom traveling is expensive and time consuming---this will give you a direction to the school you're applying to as well as specific questions and situations to be looking for-VERY helpful on interviews and when deciding on a school!
Charting a Course to Medical School: The AMSA Map for Success
A step-by-step process, including lists of traditional classes from freshman year in college, to how to register for the MCAT, financial aid, non-traditional applicants, where to find the actual application to medical school, minority applicants and how to choose a medical school that's what YOU want!
Writing a Personal Statement
Need some help getting started on your Personal Statement? A well-written personal statement can make the difference in your acceptance at the medical school of your choice.
PreMed Rx: What do you know about getting into medical school?
Who gets into medical school? What do I have to do to get in? Paul Jung, M.D. published a series of articles for premeds in The New Physician magazine. Read and explore to learn the best way to get the acceptance letter you want.
Find a medical student mentor
AMSA medical student members have volunteered to provide one-on-one mentoring to aid you in your journey to medical school.
NOTE: This resource is available to AMSA members only. To view these pages, you must login with your 6-digit AMSA ID (found on the mailing label of your TNP magazine or your member ID card) and your first name.
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Complete a Residency Survey
At this time, we do not have any resources available for residents. We would, though, appreciate it if you would share your insight with our members.
Sign up as a mentor
Sign up as a mentor to a medical or premedical student.


The New Physician Magazine Article Archives
  Career Development
  Practice of Medicine

Selecting a Community Responsive Residency (PDF)
Describes options for choosing graduate training programs in community-based practices. Developed by AMSA for the National Health Service Corps.

National LGBPM Residency Survey (1999 Edition)
Aims to apprise readers about the relative gay-friendliness of residency programs, as reported by LGBPM alumnae.
  Residency Survey Index (PDF)
  Residency by Specialty (PDF)


International Health Electives for Medical Students
This popular resource lists international clinical sites accepting U.S. medical students for electives. Each volume lists additional resources for information and training in international health.

Where in the World? (PDF)
Overseas Medical Opportunities (2000)


AMSA's Student Guide to the Appraisal and Selection of House Staff Training Programs
Assists students applying for, evaluating and selecting a residency program. Deals with curriculum vitae, interview questions, letters of recommendation, the matching process and more. 1997

Survival Manual: A Guide to the Clinical Years
A detailed introduction to the wards for third-year medical students. Addresses rounds, conferences, night call, standard procedure, universal precautions and much more. Sized to fit in your lab coat pocket. 1997