Medical Humanities Scholars Program

An Online Learning Community and Course

Fall 2014 – Spring 2015

Theme (2013-2014): Physician as Storyteller

This year’s theme of “Physician as Storyteller” will explore the following questions:

  • What stories do physicians tell?
  • Why are these stories important?
  • How do they tell these stories?
  • When should they tell these stories?

Program Description

The Medical Humanities Scholars Program is a learning experience that utilizes conference calls to provide medical students with the opportunity to consider how medicine, disease, and physicians are viewed, and to write and reflect on the intersections between these arenas.

This year, we explore the theme “Physician as Storyteller”, with discussions led by notable physician-humanists, with selected readings, and with writing exercises.

Attendance and participation in conference calls is mandatory. Implementation of a specific medical humanities project at each participant’s school is required.

Learning Objectives


  • Articulate how the humanities enrich and lend perspective to the medical field


  • Integrate experiences from this program (e.g. books read, prose/poetry written, discussions had) into their practice/thinking of medicine
  • Cogently discuss, write, and/or otherwise express views, feelings, and thoughts on the practice of medicine/experiences with patients utilizing the humanities
  • Successfully explore issues of debate within medicine from an ethical and humanistic perspective
  • Carry out a medical education project in the medical humanities at home institution


  • Acknowledge the human experience in the processes of healing and dying
  • View the practice of medicine as integration between science and humanities

Tentative Schedule

  • Program begins in October and runs till April.
  • Online seminars twice a month.
  • Specifics TBA.

Participant Expectations

  • Maintain attendance (attendance is critical due to the small number of scholars and calls)
  • Read the selected readings ahead of the call
  • Participate in conference calls, in discussion, and in writing exercises while on the call
  • Sponsor an event or project at your school that highlights medical humanities, with an identified mentor or faculty advisor and sustainable plan to continue or expand the project

Program Registration

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AMSA Student Member $35
Non-Member $135*

* Non-member fee includes AMSA membership, if applicable