Resources for Students

While AMSA does not endorse these companies, we aim to provide access to resources that benefit our physician-in-training members. If you have suggestions for FREE resources you wish to share, contact

**The criteria for selection of free resources will be based on AMSA’s mission and core values, and the relevance for the intended audience.

CDC Stacks

CDC Stacks, available at, is a free digital repository of publications produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC Stacks is composed of curated collections of peer reviewed articles, CDC guidelines and recommendations as well as other publications on a broad range of public health topics. CDC Stacks provides the ability to search the full text of all documents, browse journal articles by public health subject, and explore the curated collections of over 16,500 publications. Articles stored and shared through CDC Stacks will help CDC to further its mission to save lives and protect the health of citizens of the U.S. and of international populations.

Free Medical Textbooks – GI & Hepatology

Free medically-current textbooks available  assist students and residents with preparation for OSCEs and Boards, while deepening knowledge across Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Hepatology. These textbooks span General Internal Medicine, first principles of Gastroenterology, to clinical practice review, to endoscopic and diagnostic imaging, and are already being used in over 150 countries.

Career and Educational Resource – Medical Billing and Coding

They always say the only constant in life is change, and as we have seen recently, the medical field is definitely no exception. Within the next year, changes to the healthcare system are due to go in effect that will rewrite medical coding that has been in place for over 30 years. Professionals of tomorrow are in need of an informative and current breakdown of the changes and explanations giving them an edge in this competitive and ever-shifting industry. Available now for free in our guide “Crosswalking.” – Affordable Temporary Housing is a sublet website created by students for students. Post your room for rent while you’re away, or browse the hundreds of listings already on the site. The site features google-map searches, public transportation directions, and automatically searches nearby hospitals. Used by all allopathic medical schools in the US, hundreds of hospitals, and thousands of students around the world!

USPSTF Releases 2014 Guide to Clinical Preventive Services

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has released the 2014 Guide to Clinical Preventive Services, an authoritative source that can help primary care clinicians and patients decide together which preventive services are right for a patient’s needs. The Guide can also be used by new clinicians as they learn about clinical preventive care.

The 2014 Guide includes all active Task Force recommendations since 2004, including 28 new and updated recommendations since the 2012 version of the Guide. It also includes information about topics in development, background on the USPSTF, at-a-glance clinical summary tables for ease of use, and additional resources.

Click here to view and download the Guide. If you would like to order a printed copy of the Guide, please visit the AHRQ Publications Online Store. The Guide is also available in e-book form. The e-book is compatible with many readers, including Kindle, Nook, iBook, and Kobo.