AMSA Research Exchanges


AMSA Research Exchanges

AMSA’s Research Exchange program, gives students interested in medical research the possibility to experience research, education and culture in a foreign country. The AMSA Research Exchange program operates through the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA). It is one of the ways that AMSA-USA represents US physicians in training to the IFMSA within the Standing Committee on Research Exchange (SCORE).

Through IFMSA, over 2000 students from over 60 countries worldwide participate in research each year. Each student travels to a different country, does basic or clinical research projects for one month or more under the guidance of a university faculty member, and interacts with IFMSA medical students in their host country. The language of SCORE is English, but language immersion is also outstanding. If you are interested in doing research in another country, and are also excited about providing the same opportunity for international students at your school, then AMSA’s Research Exchanges are a great opportunity to grow as a student, a leader, as well as a researcher.

Where can I go on an AMSA Research Exchange?

How do I participate in AMSA Research Exchanges? There are two different ways:

  1. Help support the AMSA Local Committee on Research Exchange at your school’s AMSA Chapter and apply during the Primary Application Cycle. Exchanges are first limited to existing chapters that also accept incoming international students, and hence have Local Committees on Research Exchange. It all begins locally. This is because the low exchange fees and research exchange openings we have in SCORE are based on ensuring local, affordable accommodations for bilateral exchanges between National Member Organizations (NMOs) such as AMSA.So, if you are at a school with an existing AMSA Local Committee on Research Exchange, contact your Local Officer on Research Exchange (LORE) on the right side of this page before applying with the form at the bottom of this page. The LORE can also help answer application questions.
  2. Go on an AMSA Research Exchange during the second, open Rolling Application Cycle. This allows you, the student, to go on a research exchange without an incoming international student exchanging at your school. However, these are limited to students who demonstrate that they are working to create a new AMSA Local Committee on Research Exchange at their school with plans to make it operational. We have limited open exchange slots available for students outside of existing Local Committees, so contact us soon!If you are at a school without an existing Local Committee on Research Exchange, you will contact the National Officer on Research Exchange at before applying in the Rolling Application Cycle, and to begin creating exchanges at your school!

Our focus is to help develop your leadership skills as an AMSA member, a local exchange officer and physician-in-training, and to make you an active member of the IFMSA network. So, going on an AMSA Research Exchange is more than doing research for one month in a foreign country. It means exposing you to your counterparts from around the world, providing you opportunities to grow as a student-leader on a global scale, and to give you the tools to shape your career through friendships and connections that will last a lifetime. Be a part of it!

How much does it cost?

The AMSA Research Exchange has a non-refundable $200 application fee. Once you have been placed, you will pay the Exchange Fee. This Exchange Fee usually is between $400-500 per month. It is used to pay the room and board of the incoming IFMSA exchange student. The same will be done for you in your host country.

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