IFMSA General Assembly

NMOs send delegations to IFMSA’s General Assemblies (GA) twice a year, which occur every March and August. These GAs are one-week long meetings where presidents from various NMOs come together to form the primary voting body of the Federation, and leadership from the Standing Committees gather to carry out collaborative efforts. In addition to these organizational necessities, attendees are usually provided with opportunities for training and various programming related to the GA’s particular theme. The locations are decided by a bidding process, and these events are usually attended by 600-900 medical students from across the federation.

Taiwan GA AM2014

Interested in a unique opportunity to represent AMSA in an international forum? Ready to get inspired through an exchange of ideas, networking opportunities and interesting programming geared towards global health issues? Then apply to be a part of the AMSA delegation to the August General Assembly of the International Federation of Medical Student’s Associations.

August Meeting 2014 will be hosted in Taipei, Taiwan August 5-11. The Theme for this event is “Sustainable Development for the New Era.” The themed workshops will focus on three sub-topics of healthcare: Economic sustainability, environmental sustainability, and human resource sustainability. Additional information can be found at AM2014 Taiwan Website and AM2014 Facebook.

Registration for this event is approximately $792 USD and is all inclusive of room/board, food, and evening entertainment. Fundraising letter is available upon request. Direct any questions to Kimberly Forney

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