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AMSA Clinical Exchanges

AMSA’s International Clinical Exchange program provides the exciting opportunity for medical students to complete a clinical rotation in a foreign country. The program operates through the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA), of which AMSA is a member. Through IFMSA, over 8,000 students participate in clinical or preclinical clerkship opportunities every year. Exchanges are a unique opportunity for medical students to further their training by studying medicine in a different cultural context. If you are interested in doing clinical training in another country and providing the same opportunity for foreign students at your school, then AMSA’s International Clinical Exchanges are great opportunity to grow both as a student-leader as well as a physician.


To apply to participate in exchanges between April 2015 – March 2016
Now accepting applications from medical students at active AMSA Chapters.

Where can I do an international clinical exchange?

The IFMSA clinical exchange database. Take a look!!

Which AMSA chapters are running international clinical exchanges?

See sidebar. If you don’t see your university and are interested in starting a chapter, email

How do I participate in international clinical exchanges?

Please note: this process is ONLY for AMSA members. If you are a medical student in a non-US medical school looking for an exchange to the United States, please refer to your own national member organization of the IFMSA. We do not arrange exchanges to the United States directly with students.

For AMSA members and US medical students:
Exchanges are traditionally limited to AMSA chapters that also accept incoming international students. Our system is based on ensuring bilateral exchanges between international member countries. In order to send out students, we must also host students in return. If you attend a school with an exchange committee, apply directly to your local exchange officer.

For schools interested in starting a chapter;
Email for more information.

Our focus is to help develop your leadership skills as a medical student, and to make you an active member of the international IFMSA network. Going on an international clinical exchange is more than doing a clinical rotation in a foreign country; an international exchange exposes its participants to their medical student counterparts from around the world. IFMSA clinical exchanges provide the opportunity to grow as a student leader on a global scale forming friendships and connections that will last a lifetime.Be a part of it!

How much does it cost?

AMSA Clinical Exchange applicants are asked to pay a nonrefundable $200 national application fee within 48 hours of submission of their application.

In addition, each exchange participant, after having been placed, pays a local fee to his or her local AMSA chapter that covers the cost of hosting an incoming student. The fee varies by chapter, but is usually between $300 and $800. An AMSA member’s own exchange experience hosting costs are covered by a student in the country of his exchange, and covers expenses as outlined in the IFMSA Exchange Conditions for that country.

Pay $200 National Application Fee Here


 Clinical Exchange Map

See where we are getting involved!

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