AMSA Alumni & Residents

Thank you for your continued interest in AMSA. This is a busy time for you and we appreciate you visiting! As a resident-physician, you can still be involved with the nation’s largest independent organization for physicians-in-training. Though you may not have a lot of free time, there are many ways you can benefit from your continued membership.

No Time? Ways to Stay Involved

  • Stay Involved in AMSA’s Just Medicine Campaign
    For years, AMSA has been instrumental in educating future physicians on the unbiased marketing practices of the pharmaceutical industry. Medical education is beginning to follow suit and more and more data is emerging. As a physician, with limited time, there are simple ways you can remain involved too.

Keep Benefiting with Your AMSA Membership

  • Keep your membership current
    To maintain your resident/alumni membership, it is very important that you keep us updated with your whereabouts. If you have not already, please renew your membership and update your address.
  • Continue the awesome benefits
    Just because you have moved on from medical school, you are still eligible for the great AMSA benefits you enjoyed as a medical student.
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