LGBT Medical School Directory Questionnaire

Please specify your confidentiality preference:

Allow AMSA members & LGBT-approved non-members access to my contact information
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Contact/Personal Information
Orientation: lesbian
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Open about your sexual orientation
   at medical school? yes no N/A
   at undergraduate? yes no N/A
I may be contacted about: More info on my school/program
Advice for premeds
Providing housing for premeds or 4th years
     visiting for interviews
    If yes to housing:
    Distance from school:

School Information
Medical school:
    If Other:
City of School:
State of School:
Year began medical school:
LGBT atmosphere of your school/premed advice
Your overall comfort level as a LGBT student in your school:
How do you think "out" LGBT applicants to this program would be regarded?
Ease of access to LGBT related resources in your local or medical community:
Acceptance/prevalence of activities of LGBT interest in your local or medical community:
Your overall comfort level as a LGBT person in the local community:
Specific LGBT-related details in your program
  Have you noticed any discrimination due to orientation? yes no N/A
  Does your school have a non-discrimination policy relating to LGBT people in medicine? yes no

LGBT organization at school?

yes no
  LGBT-specific course in curriculum? yes no

In which of the following areas is LGBT health taught at your school? Select all that apply.

Preclinical Subject Areas
Preclinical Physical Exam and History Taking
Problem Based Learning
Clinical Clerkships
Optional Elective
  Please comment on LGBT health as it is presented in your curriculum.
  Number of other LGBT physicians that you know of in this program:
  Number of other LGBT med students that you know of at the school:
Premed advice for application
  I was OUT: On CV
On personal statement
During interview
None of the above
  If you were OUT on any portion of your application, did your interviewer ask you related questions? Please specify in the space provided. yes   no
Additional comments
  Additional comments about the program or the community:
  Any specific comments or advice for prospective applicants:
  Any specific resources within your school or bars/clubs/cafes that you would recommend in the area: