Recruitment Goals & Materials

Recruitment_Horizontal300As a chapter leader, member recruitment is a BIG deal! More members means more fun and more funding. One of the things you’ll need is a conversation starter and AMSA has developed a library of materials you can print-on-demand for your outreach. Download the recruitment tools specific to your group!

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Join AMSA Brochure/Poster: This piece has an 11″x17″ poster on one side and folds down to a 5.5″x8.5″ brochure. It’s a multi-purpose piece that provides an overview of AMSA aspirations and member benefits. This piece is especially effective when combined with one of the fact sheets. Choose the sheet that highlights the message you’d like to convey!

Click on the below to download the appropriate recruitment kit:

The zipped file will contain a PDF of each recruitment tool so you can print as needed.


Safeguard Your Future Fact Sheet: Highlights the sense of security that comes with being one of AMSAs 40,000 members.


Belong to a Community Fact Sheet: Focuses on the benefits of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, AMSA members.


Achieve Your Aspirations Fact Sheet: Draws attention to the ambitions nature of medical students and how AMSA can help.


Become a Doctor Fact Sheet: Emphasizes the steps involved in becoming a doctor and the role that AMSA plays.

Request Pre-Printed Materials: AMSA will provide each chapter with 15 free copies of the Join AMSA Brochure/Poster piece. Additional copies can be purchased. Materials cannot be shipped internationally.