Officer Resources

Congratulations! Welcome to the AMSA leadership family. As a chapter officer, you are put in an amazing position to influence people at your school and in your community. We realize that the job of a Chapter Officer can initially be a daunting one, but we are here to help! These online resources are intended to aid you in your new job by providing you contacts and variety of information that will make it easier along the way. Get ready for a fun and successful year with AMSA!

Let’s Get Started

1) Let Us Know Who Your Chapter Officers Are

2) Contact Your Regional Director to Start Communications

3) Review Officer Guide and Get Going

4) Request Chapter Member Roster

5) Recruitment Goals & Materials

Chapter Officer Tools & Resources

  • Chapter Officer Timeline
    Learn more about what to expect throughout the year and how to make each step of the way your biggest success yet.
  • Request a Chapter Member Roster
    Chapter Presidents can log-in to their AMSA web account and generate a chapter roster or you can request one by completing an online form. Remember ALL chapter members must be national members in order to participate in chapter activities. There is no such thing as a “local” AMSA member.
  • AMSA National Leadership
    Regional Directors generally have experience as Chapter Presidents and will have a lot of great knowledge and insight to offer about starting or leading a chapter.
  • Learn about AMSA’s Mission & Strategic Priorities
    AMSA inspires a community of future physicians through education and advocacy. Learn how AMSA’s mission and strategic priorities aim to carry out this purpose.
  • AMSA Logo Meaning & Guidelines
    We encourage the use of the logo on banners, posters, promotional materials, giveaways, flyers, chapter Websites and emails that promote AMSA programming in your communities.
  • Kaplan Test Prep Exclusive Partnership
    AMSA has an exclusive partnership with Kaplan Test Prep. This long standing relationship provides premedical chapters and members with unique benefits that would otherwise not be available. Learn how you and your chapter benefit from this exclusive arrangement.


Let Us Join You For Your Next Chapter Event
We’d love to join you and your chapter at your next event to talk about AMSA, upcoming events, or national initiatives. If we’re in town, we’ll swing on by. If not, we’ll join you virtually.

Webinar Training & Resources

        • Your AMSA Narrative (45 min)
          Craft your own personal AMSA story to share when talking with friends, family and colleagues. Valuable tool during recruitment season!
        • Your Toolkit (45 min)
          Resources for a successful recruitment year with creative programming activities.
        • Chapter Development. Better, Faster, Stronger! (45 min)
          How to engage members in activities and leadership positions. Chapter development ups & downs.
        • Chapter Officer Training
          Powerpoint #1 covers the history of AMSA, running effective meetings and fundraising tips. Powerpoint #2 covers membership basics, member benefits, and national opportunities.
        • AMSA Town Hall Webinars
          Whether you’re an AMSA chapter leader or an AMSA member interested in expanding your knowledge and skillset, the AMSA Town Hall webinars offer valuable insight into creating and maintaining a successful and engaged student organization.


Conferences & Leadership Training – Be There!

It is imperative that a chapter representative attend both conferences during the year. They provide outstanding growth and networking opportunities, but also essential leadership training you’ll need as an AMSA officer.