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Arriving in Mumbai

Sarah Kleinfeld
National Exchange Officer (NEO)
American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA)

IFMSA’s 62nd General Assembly kicked off for me when I arrived in Mumbai on Thursday night. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the hotel until after the Opening Ceremonies ended. The first night was spent mostly getting settled into the hotel and trying to catch up on some sleep — I was coming off of 20+ hours in airports/planes!

Day 2 started early Friday with an AMSA delegation meeting at breakfast. There were 13 AMSA representatives there, including members of the BOT, AMSA Fellows, MM2013 Organizing Committee members, AMSA Action Committee members, and members of the IFMSA Advisory Council (which includes my role as a NEO).

The rest of my day was taken up with the first SCOPE session of the GA. For those of you who don’t know, IFMSA is composed of six standing committees. The two that deal with exchange are: the Standing Committee on Professional (Clinical) Exchanges – SCOPE and the Standing Committee on Research Exchages – SCORE. SCOPE is composed of an international director, 5 regional coordinators, several other support positions for things like marketing and academic quality, and then all of the national exchange officers (NEOs) from the participating countries. We started out first with some energizers to get to know everyone; I had met a few of the other NEOs there at the GA last August in Copenhagen, but many were new. It was great to meet in person a lot of the people that Carrie and I have been emailing!!! The rest of the session was taken up with discussions regarding a policy statement our SCOPE director proposed, some bylaw changes, and general updates.

It was a long day, but I did have some free time in the afternoon to venture out of the hotel and explore a little bit of the nearby area with one of the other AMSA delegates. It was a local holiday, and there was a celebration going which included a group of men creating a human pyramid!

(that's me on the right!)

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