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Health Policy and a Pint Returns!

Jim Curry
AMSA Premed Trustee

On November 14th, 2010 the health policy wielding program called Health Policy and a Pint returned with a much anticipated, cheese-filled flourish. That isn’t just a lavish declaration- it’s the truth! One week shy of a year since its last installment, Health Policy and a Pint returned to AMSA, its chapters, and thirsty listeners around the country. The first revival issue detailed conflicts among the dairy industry, industry regulation, nutrition, and yes- cheese.

Originally intended to be a monthly discussion piece for topical health policy, Health Policy and a Pint (HPP for short) was meant to give AMSA members an easy bridge to a meaningful conversation in whatever familiar setting they chose. Hence, the ‘Pint’ in the title alludes to a happy hour or other casual drinking venue. This monthly installment met its height amidst the heated health care reform debate leading to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

While you might not hear phrases such as “death panels,” “You lie!” or “kill the bill” nearly as often as before - a helpful understanding of current health policy and news is no less valuable today. That is why, every other week from now on, you can look to the Health Care for All Campaign as your guide through the latest wonk-filled articles. Each installment, a pre-made Primer will be available to help guide you through a chosen article, making the latest bit of policy accessible and fun. We’ll also help set you up for further research and questions, along with ways to take action!

Our latest installments are must reads:
In Vermont, single-payer health care in a single state
Coupons for Patients, but Higher Bills for Insurers

Download them from Inspiration Exchange – in the Health Policy and a Pint Community.

So take them to your weekly happy hour; stash them in your book bag for lunch time; or, enjoy them with your chapter. All you need is the Health Policy and a Pint Primer for the week, and you’re all set.

Please discuss responsibly.

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