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  • Match Day: Like Sorority Rush?

    By Owen Farcy
    Kaplan Test Prep

    Last week's Match Day saw many celebrations throughout the country as 4th year medical students learned where they'll be spending their residency years. A quick glance at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on Friday saw countless photos of students laughing, jumping for joy, and even a handful of proposals as long-awaited envelopes were opened.

    The National Residency Matching Process, more commonly known simply as "the Match", is a process that combines feelings of excitement and trepidation in much the same way as the medical school application process. Kaplan's Emily Hause, a current medical student and regular writer for the Med School Pulse blog, describes the Match as similar to sorority rush. "They have a secret list of ideal candidates and you have your ranked lists of ideal places to end up. However, unlike some sororities, the NRMP is very official and explicit in their selection process."

    The algorithm used in the Match, according to the NRMP website, "begins with an attempt to match an applicant to the program most preferred on that applicant’s rank order list (ROL). If the applicant cannot be matched to that first choice program, an attempt is made to place ...

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  • Congratulations! Match Day 2010

    Fourth year medical students gathered with family, friends, and faculty on Thursday, awaiting their fate. The Match provides graduating medical students with the results of their application to the National Resident Matching Program and tell students at which hospital they will be working and in what specialty they will be training for the next several years. AMSA would like to congratulate all its members! We hope you got your first choice and wish you all the best!

    Where did you match? 

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