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  • Free Patient Safety Webinar Today

    Today from 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm EST, Dan Henderson, AMSA's Vice President of Leadership Development, will be joining a panel of patient safety leaders, including actor Dennis Quaid! The discussion will focus on important national leadership and cultural issues. And as soon-to-be safety leaders, you will learn the role of checklists, share rounds, and infection prevention measures and how to implement in your organization.

    The webinar is being hosted by The audience will include several hundred providers, residents, and students like you. Best of all, the sponsor has offered free sign-up for the webinar. Sign up here! 

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  • National Essay Contest on Healthcare Costs

    Medical bills are a leading cause of personal debt in the United States, even for
    those who have health insurance. Although the landmark health care reform legislation that was recently signed into law by President Obama starts to address this problem, the spiraling costs of health care remains one of our nationʼs greatest challenges.

    Costs of Care is launching an essay contest today that will solicit hundreds of anecdotes from patients, nurses, and doctors across the nation that illustrate the importance of cost awareness in medicine. Their stories will draw attention to the power clinicians and patients have to identify and curb harmful health care spending on a grassroots level.

    Two $1,000 prizes will be awarded to the top submissions – one prize will go to a clinician such as a doctor or nurse, and one prize will go to a patient. Finalist submissions will be judged by:

    • Gov. Michael Leavitt, former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services
    • Atul Gawande, surgeon and New Yorker staff writer
    • Tim Johnson, Chief Medical Correspondent of ABC News
    • Jeffrey Flier, Dean of Harvard Medical School
    • Gov. Michael Dukakis, former Democratic nominee for President of the United States

    All submissions will be due on November 1, ...

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