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    Concierge medicine has become increasingly popular in recent years. These physicians are frustrated with the health care system and want to offer their patients a better alternative.

    According to a 2013 compensation report by medical resource company Medscape, 7% of family doctors, 7% of internists and 4% of pediatricians are cash-only practices. These physicians charge monthly membership fees, similar to a gym membership. Appointments are longer, lab work is included, and medication is offered at cheaper rates. With this model, doctors are able to see fewer patients, provide better care, and still make the same, if not more money. 

    According to Concierge Medicine Today (yes, there is already a trade magazine dedicated to the industry!), there are 5,500 concierge practices across the country. About 2/3 of these practices charge less than $135 per month. 

    Is concierge medicine something you would consider after graduation? Very interested to hear from our members on this topic. 

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