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  • E-learning becoming a reality among medical students

    A recent study of third-year German medical students published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that mobile augmented reality can significantly increase the attractiveness of mobile learning applications in medical education, compared to traditional textbook learning.

    In another survey of U.S. medical students from all 50 states, 53 percent of those that prefer digital sources turn to a mobile reference first to answer a clinical question.

    According to this survey, 54 percent of medical students currently use a tablet as part of their medical training--a whopping 31 percent increase compared to 2012 results.

    The survey found that the top tasks performed on tablets by medical students were: looking up clinical data, accessing patient records, and communicating with colleagues and physicians. In the survey, 82 percent of medical students said they would recommend health-related apps to future patients.

    Read more: More than half of medical students are mobile first - FierceMobileHealthcare 

    We're interested in hearing from AMSA do you learn? Do you rely on your smartphone or tablet on the wards? 

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  • Calling Dr. iPhone

    Technology is in boom, especially in today’s medical world which is constantly growing and evolving to match the most up to date research and discoveries. Check out this Associated Press article, which appeared in USA Today, introducing the hottest new product on the market; your annual physical through your smart phone.

    Discussed at the 2013 TEDMED conference in Washington, D.C, this up and coming technology is designed to help patients independently monitor their health outside the doctor’s office. Whether it be checking your blood pressure, listening to your heart beat, or checking out the ears, nose and throat for possible infection - all can be done from your hand held device, and on the GO! In addition, sonograms can also be performed by your ultrasound technician with your smart phone, allowing them to be performed from virtually anywhere, and at a much more affordable price.

    It seems as though doctors believe these tools will be helpful to collect the patient’s data, and monitor their ongoing health conditions and concerns. With these types of applications and devices available office visits can essentially be reduced, allowing urgent and serious treatments to be readily available for patients in emergency situations. Although ...

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