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  • Easy, Exciting Engagement

    By Ben Goold
    AMSA Vice President of Programming Development

    Every year, a crowd of new premedical and medical students head to school, unsure of what they'll find when they get there. Everyone is in a new environment. Incoming freshmen in college and incoming first years in medical school are trying to figure out where they fit.

    AMSA is a place where diversity matters, where people who care about social justice and medicine come together. We find meaning in our shared struggle as students. We all want to see a better world than the one we live in now. And we refuse to wait until we have an MD/DO behind our names to start working towards that better world.

    If you want to empower the students around you to make a better world, then you're in luck. AMSA's national leaders have done something extraordinary this year--they have put together all their passions into one place. Every chapter officer searching for a program, every student looking for a way to get involved in making a better world can find a current, ready-to-use program online, at AMSA's E3 page.

    E3 stands for Easy, Exciting, Engagement Programming. Each program listed there is designed ...

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  • Two medical students join post-earthquake relief efforts

    Two AMSA national leaders are joining the post-earthquake relief efforts in Haiti in May. Iyah Romm (Region 1 Director and Health Care for All Co-Chair 2009-2010) and Sylvia Thompson (Health Policy Chair 2009-2010) will be volunteering in the Fond Parisien Disaster Recovery Center organized by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI). Fond Parisien is providing a temporary home for over 1,000 injured Haitian survivors and their families, and providing a high level of medical and rehabilitative support.



    The Fond Parisien Disaster Recovery Center was established by two emergency medicine docs from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Hilarie Cranmer and Stephanie Rosborough shortly after the earthquake on January 12. Sylvia and Iyah have been working with HHI and with Drs. Rosborough and Cranmer on topics of child protection and humanitarian crisis response training and are very excited to be able to assist the people of Haiti and to hone their skills in the field. Be sure to stay tuned for an upcoming post with the URL for Iyah and Sylvia's blog.


    Iyah and Sylvia are self-funding for this trip and seeking assistance! HHI is an independent organization - it is not financially supported by Harvard University - and ...

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