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  • Keep the library open after graduation

    At graduations across the country, students are walking across the stage, receiving their diplomas and beginning the next chapter of their lives. These graduates are equipped with a wealth of new tools. However, nearly all are forced to leave behind one of the most important: their library card.

    Students’ library cards are a passport to the specialized knowledge found in academic journal articles — covering medicine and math, computer science and chemistry, and many other fields. These articles contain the cutting edge of our understanding and capture the genius of what has come before. In no uncertain terms, access to journals provides critical knowledge and an up-to-date education for tomorrow’s doctors, researchers and entrepreneurs.

    But should that access cease at graduation? .....

    Read the rest of the opinion-editorial that appeared in the Washington Post (6/7/12) authored by AMSA National President Elizabeth Wiley, MD, JD, MPH and Matt Cooper, president and CEO of the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students.

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  • Open Access Week is coming (October 24-30)! Get excited…

    What is Open Access?

    It refers to free online access to peer-reviewed journals across the globe. Why should you, the budding medical professional, care about Open Access? In brief, Open Access has the potential to improve patient care and education, to innovations in medical research, to improve global health equity, and to provide public access to the results of our federal research dollars. Not convinced, you can read more of my thoughts here: 6 Reasons Open Access Matters to the Medical Community.

    What is Open Access Week?

    Open Access Week, now in its 5th year is a week dedicated to advocating for Open Access. Organized by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) and the Right to Research Coalition of which AMSA is a member. This week is an opportunity to learn about Open Access, educate your peers, and advocate for Open Access at your institution. This year there is a new student action guide to Open Access and two flagship student webcasts which will occur during the week. Read the Open Access Week student action guide now.

    The action guide will serve as a launching point for planning the week, with tons of examples for how to ...

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