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  • AMSA Rocks the Vote!

    By Molly Zielenbach
    AMSA State and Local Policy Coordinator

    There’s an eerie similarity between election season and studying for med school exams. At the beginning, you’re in denial – plagued by memories of the stress, outrage, futility, and hopelessness you felt the last time, you pretend like election/test day isn’t staring at you from a distant but rapidly approaching future. Finally, though, something tips the scale and you begin to prepare. You pour your attention into diagrams, charts, “expert” testimonies (from pundits or your ever-wise classmates), and maybe you even start to care about the results. Then, as the day draws closer, you hit a wall. You’re in information overload. You just can’t care anymore.

    So how do you get through the wall? For me, the answer is the same in both cases – I find something to keep me inspired. In the case of my impending cardio exam, it’s the joy in finally knowing why they’re always shouting “push more epi!” on Gray’s Anatomy (hey, whatever works, right?). In the case of the upcoming presidential election, it’s remembering that voting is a hard-won right, and a right that too many people in our society still have to fight for. ...

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