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AMSA's International Members

AMSA's international members are a large portion of our membership with nearly 60 chartered chapters around the world. Our goals are to unite these international chapters, to distribute information about medical education, licensure, and practice, and to represent the needs and interests of international students through an active voice within the largest association of American medical students.

What can you do as an international medical student member?

At the local level, AMSA international chapters serve as unifying groups and resources for students interested in American medical education and practice, participation in the local community, and enhancement of their medical school experience. At the national level, international members participate in:

Through these avenues we are able to advance the Association's strategic priorities and promote the interests of international medical graduates (IMGs) in the United States.

AMSA provides a great variety of membership benefits and opportunities to all its members and as international members, we add a unique perspective to the association. The major benefit of AMSA membership is your inherent (and hopefully active) contribution to our collective voice and to the improvement of worldwide medical education and patient care.

We hope you will join us.


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Janell Johnson
Janell Johnson

International Trustee
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Donald Daily

Regional Director
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Mohini Gadre
Mohini Gadre
Regional Director

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