Corps Community Day
October 10, 2013

AMSA is collaborating with the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) to bring you "Corps Community Day: Healthier Patients. Stronger Communities!" as part of NPCW 2013. Click on the Community Corps Day banner below for useful resources, programming ideas, and a map of NHSC events happening across the country. For assistance in planning your chapter's Corps Community Day events, contact

NHSC Corps Community Day


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National Primary Care Week

October 6-10, 2014
Check back soon for details.

National Primary Care Week is an annual event to highlight the importance of primary care and bring health care professionals together to discuss and learn about generalist and interdisciplinary health care, particularly its impact on and importance to underserved populations. This year's theme, “Step Up to Primary Care” focuses on the importance of interdiscliplinary education and professionalism in primary care, and the critical need for advocacy and health policy reform to address disparities in health care access and outcomes, pertaining to race, gender, sexuality, and socio-economic factors. NPCW’s goal is to engage physicians-in-training, students across the health care spectrum, and the general population on the indispensible role of primary care in our health care system. 

How can you participate?

Ideas for programming are included below for your consideration.

  1. During NPCW, participate in national webinars held Monday, October 7 through Friday, October 11, 2013. Organize a lunch lecture at your campus to participate virtually in the webinar. Topics, speakers, and schedule of webinars will be available shortly.

  2. Organize a health fair on your campus or in your community during NPCW. Provide information on food and nutrition, health promotion, and disease prevention.

  3. Create your own event at your school, using the Programming Menu displayed below or Events in a Box offered by National Health Service Corps. These are some great events to plan and topics to discuss with your fellow classmates in relation to primary care.

  4. Collaborate with local ambassadors from National Health Service Corps to participate in National Corps Community Day events during NPCW. See a list of events near you. 

  5. Come up with your own project/event. AMSA has put together tools and resources to help you put together a rock solid NPCW!

NPCW dates not working for your school? Shift the dates to accommodate your schedule. Feel free to continue using AMSA materials or to reach out for any support you may need.

2013 NPCW Webinar Archives - View the Recordings

Webinar topics included:

  • Current Crisis in Primary Care
  • Vitality of Primary Care
  • Professionalism in Primary Care
  • Fighting Student Debt
  • National Corps and Primary Care
  • Choose Primary Care!

Primary Care ProgressNPCW 2013: AMSA-PCP Collaboration

AMSA is partnering with Primary Care Progress (PCP) to co-sponsor National Primary Care Week (NPCW). PCP is a grassroots non-profit with about 30 chapters across the country that seeks to increase the primary care workforce and to build future leaders in the field. AMSA and PCP are collaborating on the programming, outreach, media, and evaluation components of NPCW.

Together, we hope to use NPCW to raise awareness about the importance of primary care, to expose trainees to new models of care delivery, and to collaborate to improve primary care training.

Learn more about Primary Care Progress online. Plus, find out more about becoming a member or starting a local PCP chapter.

For More Information

Primary Care 

NPCW is funded in part by the AMSA Foundation through a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

For more information, contact


  • Improve your understanding of primary care
  • Meet role models and leaders in the field
  • Learn about clinical and non-clinical careers related to primary care
  • Discover the importance of collaboration between primary care practitioners and the community
  • Participate in community service
  • Get involved in the political process