Medical Education Team


Our education imparts the knowledge, attitudes, and skills that we will use as physicians, and determines the extent to which we will be able to meet the needs of our patients and the healthcare system at large.

Our Action Committee’s mission is to oversee and enhance AMSA educational programming through sharing of quality improvement resources and systematic evaluation tools in order to develop quality and effective programs for AMSA members, and to use these programs as tools to advocate for medical curricular reform that serves to improve patient care.

Join us in transforming the medical profession from the inside!

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  • Scholars Programs Support – Our team supports, evaluates, and ensures quality delivery of the many diverse and exciting AMSA Scholars Programs. To get involved, e-mail
  • Evaluation Initiative – Our evaluation initiative aims to strengthen AMSA educational programming through enhanced evaluation and training. More details will be posted soon. To get involved, e-mail
  • Medical Education Improvement Initiative – Much of AMSA educational programming exists in order to fill gaps in key key topic areas currently lacking in most medical curricula. Through demonstrating quality, effectiveness, and value of our programming, and sharing these findings with other schools and programs, we aim to advance the richness and relevance of medical curricula worldwide. To get involved email
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Team Leadership

Gregory Ziomek

Medical Education Chair

Laura Chilcutt
Scholars’ Program Liaison Coordinator

Agnieszka Chramiec
Program Evaluation Coordinator