Health Policy Team

We, the next generation of physicians, recognize the need for greater political advocacy from the medical profession and are dedicated to serving patients through health policy reform. Guided by AMSA members’ values, as articulated in our Legislative Agenda, we will empower future physicians to engage their elected officials, their professors, and society-at-large to implement solutions to health care injustices. View our Legislative Agenda

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Tools & Resources

  • The Activism Toolbox
    Need help organizing your event and getting the message out to the media? Find how-to guides for any of your programming needs.
  • Students for a Better Healthcare System
    A campaign built around students delivering short and accessible presentations about health reform to non-medical audiences in their community, and our goal is to make this a national movement among students. This idea was borne out of the misinformation that shaped the ACA debate and from the realization that most people in our communities are unaware of what the ACA actually can do for them. We have two main goals: To describe how people can now access quality health insurance through the new marketplaces and to begin a broader discussion about how our healthcare system works, how it’s broken, and why we need health reform. We hope to empower people to more confidently navigate the health care system, and to advocate for the future changes.