Grassroots Organizing Team

AMSA has a robust history of activism and organizing around social justice movements relevant to our mission as an organization.  The Grassroots Organizing team works to maintain that history and to continue to promote AMSA’s involvement in advocacy education and action in all facets of our mission.  On this page you’ll find links to advocacy resources and opportunities as well as links to AMSA’s action campaigns.

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AMSA’s Campaigns

Advocacy Leadership Course

The Advocacy Leadership course is a six month program that will work to engage student participants in webinars, readings, and discussions that promote knowledge of community engagement, the social mission of medicine, social power structures, and advocacy skills.  The goal of the course is to produce future physicians who have the skill set and experience with community engagement to become forces of social change.

Student Resources

AMSA’s Activism Toolkit

Find comprehensive resources for organizing and executing a strategic campaign with these step-by-step guides to organizing around an issue, creating influential and effective lobbying materials, and getting the message out to those who will effect change. Included are tactics you will need for targeting the media, Congress, state legislators or even fellow students.

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Team Leadership

Hari Ayer
Grassroots Organizing Chair
Cheri Ann Dijamco
Social Media Coordinator
Jacqueline O’Neill
Outreach Coordinator