AMSA Press Room

AMSA’s Core Purpose:
AMSA inspires a community of future physicians
through education and advocacy.

For more than 60 years, the American Medical Student Association has been committed to improving medical training and advancing the profession of medicine. AMSA members include medical and premedical students, residents and practicing physicians. They are future physician leaders who believe that health professionals and patients are partners in the management and maintenance of health, and that access to high-quality health care is a right and not a privilege.

AMSA Press Releases

November 12, 2015 AMSA and Public Citizen Send Complaint Letters Concerning FIRST and iCompare Trials
November 12, 2015 Medical Students, Health Advocates Decry Trans-Pacific Trade Deal as Attack on Affordable Medicines, Sweetheart Deal for Drug Companies at Press Conference and Street Theater at Pfizer Corporate Office
October 14, 2015 AMSA Opposes Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal–Bad for Public Health and Access to Medicines
June 26, 2015 AMSA Applauds SCOTUS Decision on Marriage Equality
June 25, 2015 AMSA Response to King v. Burwell Supreme Court Decision
June 2, 2015 AMSA Response to NEJM Conflict of Interest Series
Feb 17, 2015 AMSA/UAEM Supports HEAL Act in Addressing Public Health Predicament of Anti-Microbial Resistance
Sept. 29, 2014 Fewer than one in five teaching hospitals make the grade on conflict-of-interest policies
July 31, 2014 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling Threatens Patient-Provider Relationship
July 17, 2014 AMSA Selects Noreen Rich as Director of Membership
July 1, 2014 American Medical Student Association Disappointed with Court Decision Allowing Denial of Contraceptive Coverage
June 26, 2014 New AMSA Scorecard Reflects Stronger Standards for Conflicts of Interest Policies
Apr 16, 2014 American Medical Student Association Supports Dr. Murthy Appointment for U.S. Surgeon General
Mar 25, 2014 Nova Southeastern University Medical Student Becomes National President of American Medical Student Association
Feb 24, 2014 AMSA Selects Joshua Caulfield as Executive Director
Dec 20, 2013 GlaxoSmithKline Changes Marketing Practices; One Step Closer to 100% Evidence-Based Medicine
Nov 22, 2013 Physicians and Scientists-in-Training Push for Access in TPP Negotiations
Oct 7, 2013 Health Care Reform Exemplifies Importance of Primary Care
Oct 1, 2013 As Open Enrollment Launches, AMSA Educates Members, Patients
June 26, 2013 American Medical Student Association Applauds Ruling to Strike Down Defense of Marriage Act
June 24, 2013 Medical Students Responds to Supreme Court Decision in Fisher vs. University of Texas
June 18, 2013 Supreme Court Decision on Pay-For-Delay Not Strong Enough; Says American Medical Student Association
June 17, 2013 Medical Students Oppose Doubling Interest Rates on Stafford Student Loans