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Understanding the Importance of Child Passenger Safety
Understanding Proper Child Restraint and Prevention Milestones
Patient/Parent Education
What Did You Learn?

If you have chosen to take this module, you may already recognize the importance of child passenger safety. As an organization that aims to expand medical students' educational opportunities, we have partnered with AAA to educate you on this very important traffic safety issue. We realize that because of time constraints healthcare curriculums are often limited in what they can teach, especially with regards to injury prevention. Child passenger safety is just one of the numerous facets of injury prevention that may not be adequately addressed in the standardized health curriculum. AMSA and AAA hope to continue this collaboration and produce additional training tools for medical students, as well as all healthcare professionals.

The goals of this module are to:

  1. Demonstrate the importance of child passenger safety;
  2. Discuss the responsibilities and roles of healthcare providers related to this topic.

Please note: This module is meant to provide you with basic tips about child passenger safety. If you continue from page to page throughout the site, you will complete the module in approximately 15-20 minutes. For additional detailed information, please consult the references provided at the end of this module.