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A Holistic Look at Prospective Medical Students

With increased enrollment at medical schools throughout the nation, admission over the next coming years is promising for hopeful students. With more focus on community service and commitment to social justice, schools won’t just be choosing students based on academics but how they are as a whole. This is a process that AMSA supports because it provides a global assessment of individuals and fosters a diverse physician workforce.

Although there is a demand for more medical professionals, there are still a limited amount of residency positions available. Because of this some schools, although they are accepting more students, are enforcing a student cap. 

Medical professionals encourage students to apply to medical school, but to remain competitive throughout the process. Dr. Nida Degesys, National President of AMSA, is quoted in this recent article in US News & World Report on her advice for these prospective medical students, and best practices when applying to medical schools. Click here to read the full story.

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