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Implement the Sunshine Act Now!

AMSA, along with the National Physician's Alliance (NPA), is pushing the Obama administration to fully implement the Physician Payments Sunshine Act which is aimed at transparency. 

The legislation, part of the Affordable Care Act, requires drug, medical device, biologic, and medical equipment manufacturers to collect data on financial relationships with doctors and hospitals, and to report that data to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. 

The two groups sent a letter to the White House stating:

The NPA and AMSA have supported the PPSA since its passage and are deeply discouraged that HHS has not yet released final regulations, even though the statute called for regulations to be issued by October 1, 2011. We are now 15 months past the statutory deadline. 

We are joined in our support by a diverse array of stakeholders, including drug and device companies which have already invested a great deal of money to comply with the Sunshine Provisions. 

As physicians and medical students, we understand that payments from industry can set the stage for significant conflicts of interest that can lead to the prescription of costly treatment, even when equally effective, safe, and less expensive treatments are readily available. Such conflicts pose a grave threat to the intent of the Affordable Care Act, which is to deliver quality and affordable care to all Americans. Transparency about industry payments is an important step toward restoring trust and integrity in medicine. 

There is no call for further delay. We request that final regulations be released no later than January of this year, so that manufacturers can quickly implement procedures to begin collecting payment information.

Want to help??

The Physician Payment Sunshine Act regulations have yet to come out - we need to put pressure on the White House to get them out! If you're on Twitter please retweet one or more of the below:

T: @matthewherper physicians are "disappointed" that the sunshine provisions remain unimplemented <link>

Link: Prominent Doctors Call For Action On Transparency Law – January 16, 2013

T: @ChuckGrassley called delayed rules on Physician Payments Sunshine Act “unacceptable” @pharmalot <link>

Link: Frustration Rises Over The Missing Sunshine Rules – January 17, 2013

T: RT @FiercePharma AARP, AFL-CIO and prominent docs to White House: Get us the sunshine rules <link>

Link: AARP, AFL-CIO and prominent docs to White House: Get us the sunshine rules, stat, Fierce Pharma – January 18, 2013

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Prominent doctors, medical students, Eli Lilly, Medtronic, AARP, AFL-CIO, Pew urging the White House to adopt without further delay the "Sunshine rule," which requires pharmaceutical and medical device companies to disclose their financial relationships with doctors and teaching hospitals. Like and share if you agree that patients should know and that the government should act, Read here:

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