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2014 Creative Arts Collection

Looking for more selections from our 20th Annual Creative Arts Collection? Try these:

Enter The New Physician's
Creative Arts Collection

TNP's annual Creative Arts Collection runs in our Summer issue, and includes photography, poetry, painting and short stories. The deadline for 2015 entries will be announced later this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit multiple entries?

Yes, you can. But please complete only one entry form. There is a blank on the form where you can list the total number of entries.

Does the subject matter have to be medical in nature?

No, it does not. There are no limitations on subject matter.

How long can my short story / poem be?

There is no length limit or requirement for short stories or poetry. However, because space in the print edition is finite, we may have to excerpt long entries or publish them online.

My work isn't digital. How should I submit it?

The easiest way is to take a high quality digital photograph of your piece. If you have access to a good digital camera, use that instead of your camera phone. Digital entries will be evaluated as submitted; we cannot take responsibility for quality lost to file compression or electronic rendering. For more on our digital photo and submission specifications, please see this PDF.

If you prefer to mail in your entry, please include SASE if you would like your entry returned. Our mailing address is 45610 Woodland Rd., Suite 300, Sterling, VA, 20166.

What should I do if my digital files are too large to e-mail?

If your files are large, you can use our FTP server. For FTP login information, e-mail

How big is too big to e-mail?

That may depend on your e-mail provider. Ours will accept files up to a 20mb total, but your provider may place a lower limit on outbound files. Many providers use a 10mb limit.

Submission Questions


If you have other submissions questions, call TNP's editorial staff at 703-620-6600, ext. 4768.

To send submissions by snail mail, address your correspondence to:

  • The New Physician
    Attn: Editor
    45610 Woodland Rd.
    Suite 300
    Sterling, VA 20166

We can also be reached via fax at 703-620-6445. Unfortunately, TNP cannot return unsolicited manuscripts or artwork.

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