AMSA's 20th Annual Poster Session & Project Exhibition: Share Your Story!

Deadline: January 18, 2015

This full-day exhibition is an opportunity to “show and share” your work on a wide range of issues and in diverse contexts, from basic and translational science research, community-building projects, and advocacy work, to AMSA chapter development and member engagement, curricular projects, and even meditative or reflective art works. By pushing against the boundaries of what are usually considered the standard content and format of an academic poster session, we intend this exhibition to serve as a much larger opportunity for you to share not only completed projects but also projects at any stage of the design and implementation process. We want to open up this opportunity for you to showcase your vision and your work in process, to inspire colleagues and mentors to share in your vision, join in the work, and provide feedback that will help you achieve even greater levels of success and results.

In addition, we are formally including projects – completed or in progress – designed and implemented by participants in the AMSA Academy Scholars Programs and Leadership Institutes. Students from past and current Scholars Programs and Institutes are strongly encouraged to submit abstracts of their projects, regardless of completion status. In fact, we especially encourage students to submit abstracts for projects that are still in development or active implementation, as the exhibition will be an excellent opportunity to receive feedback and new ideas which can be incorporated into the ongoing evaluation and execution of your project.

The AMSA Annual Project, Research, and Experience Exhibition selection committee invites you to submit your abstracts for consideration to be included in the Share Your Story! Exhibition on Friday during the Annual AMSA Convention and Exhibition at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Washington, DC, February 27, 2015. As physicians-in-training, you are also educators-in-training, and we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to develop and apply your skills as professional educators and presenters, while showcasing your creativity, passion, vision, and mission for advancing the art and science or medicine.

You can submit one or more abstracts in any of the following categories:

  • PATIENT-ORIENTED AND EPIDEMIOLOGY PROJECTS - These projects focus on the clinical patient-oriented and population-based research. Case studies are not accepted for consideration.

  • CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS - These projects focus on the development of education interventions, curricular innovations, and novel applications of technology to the learning process.

  • COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND SERVICE PROJECTS - These projects deal with experiences related to contributing to the local community, improving access to resources, and increasing the quality of the lives of individuals and communities through direct action.

  • ADVOCACY AND GRASSROOTS ACTIVISM PROJECTS – These projects put vision and values into action. No matter the specific issue, showcase your work in organizing for the change you want to see become reality in the future of health care.

  • BASIC AND TRANSLATIONAL SCIENCE PROJECTS – These projects include research focused on natural sciences and laboratory bench-top research.

  • CHAPTER DEVELOPMENT AND MEMBER ENGAGEMENT PROJECTS – These projects focus on chapter-based activities and initiatives designed to support the academic, professional, and personal growth of individual members and the effective integration of the AMSA chapter into the larger academic and professional communities of the home institution.

  • CREATIVE ARTS PROJECTS – These projects focus on the creative and reflective expressions of the “inner self.” All modes of expression – painting, drawing, short story, poetry, spoken word, music composition and performance, etc. – will be considered. Due to certain limitations in the exhibition hall space, some entries in the Creative Arts Projects category may need to be considered for inclusion in the AMSA’s Got Talent Competition rather than in the Share Your Story Exhibition.

  • AMSA ACADEMY SCHOLARS PROGRAMS AND INSTITUTES PARTICIPANT PROJECTS – The abstracts for these projects should be submitted in the appropriate categories listed above. In the abstract submission form, you’ll be able to indicate which of the Scholars Programs or Institutes you participated in. Projects associated with a Scholars Program or Institute will be designated as such in the Abstract Program.


In order to be eligible to submit a project abstract for consideration, you must hold a valid AMSA membership.

For projects that are complete, you must be able to include data and results, and conclusions. As it is the case that negative findings are under-reported in research, we encourage you to submit abstracts for projects which have yielded negative findings.

For projects that are in process (not complete), you must be able to present a coherent and compelling vision, strategic priorities, and intended outcomes. Please note that “coherent and compelling” does not necessarily mean “fully fleshed out.” We invite you to submit abstracts for projects which might become more fully formed through the feedback from professional colleagues and peers.

If your project abstract is nominated for exhibition, your project will be displayed only if you register for and attend the 2015 AMSA National Convention. You must be present to participate in the project exhibition, including setting up and taking down your project during specified times before and after the Tell Your Story Exhibition on Friday, February 27, 2015.

Submitting Your Project Abstract

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Abstracts should be no longer than 350 – 400 words and follow a standard format:

  1. Background/Vision
  2. Methods/Process/Action
  3. Results/Impact
  4. Conclusions/Connections/Meanings

Ethical considerations for subjects should be mentioned, if applicable.

No charts, graphs, special characters, or formatting will be possible using the online abstract submission form. You must write your abstract in text paragraphs to avoid formatting errors online. If an image or sound file is essential to a Creative Arts Project abstract, the file must be sent directly to Dr. Jeff Koetje ( and Rachel Glassford (

Abstracts will be considered in batches according to the following submission deadlines:

  • October 1, 2014 at 11:59pm PST
  • November 1, 2014 at 11:59pm PST
  • December 1, 2014 at 11:59pm PST
  • January 18, 2015*at 11:59pm PST (No submissions after January 18 will be considered)

The earlier you submit, the earlier we’ll be able to notify you!

The Selection Process

Abstracts will be reviewed for acceptance to the project exhibition on the following criteria:

  • Vision, innovation, creativity
  • Coherency of objectives and action/plan/process
  • Impact, meaning, value
  • Clarity and organization of abstract

The submitting author(s) of the abstract will be contacted no later than the 18th of each month following a submission deadline. Authors who submit abstracts by the January 18, 2015 deadline will be contacted no later than January 23. Feedback on any submitted abstract may be obtained by contacting Dr. Jeff Koetje ( and Rachel Glassford (

Authors selected to exhibit will be invited to attend an optional series of webinars in January 2015 to provide guidance and instruction on poster development, the set-up of the electronic presentation in the Intern Sushi platform, and formal poster/project presentation skills.

Abstract and Poster Judging

Accepted projects for the exhibition will be judged in a three-stage process. Prior to the project exhibition, abstracts will be reviewed by a panel of judges and ranked in their respective project category, based on consideration of the abstract only. Projects will then be further evaluated on site by judges during the project exhibition preview, which will take place throughout Friday and will not require the project author(s) to be present. Finally, during the Tell Your Story Exhibition on Friday evening, you may have the opportunity to engage with the judges during the live presentation. Due to the number of projects that will be exhibited, not every author will be able to present to a judge; however, all projects will be evaluated on site throughout the day by the members of the judging panel.

Past Poster Sessions

AMSA Poster Session

AMSA Poster Session

Past Participants Speak Out

Amy YuAttending the AMSA Annual Convention was an invaluable opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and develop working relationships with students at different institutions. The conference was pivotal for helping me network with students working on similar projects, and now we are launching a national effort on the business of medicine and health policy education - thank you, AMSA for broadening the scope of our project!

- Amy Yu


The AMSA Annual Convention Poster Session is a great way to gain experience presenting your research. Explaining complex research in a concise and understandable manner is a difficult task, and this poster session helps you develop your presentation skills. In addition, the forum also provides an opportunity to appreciate and hear about other research conducted by fellow peers.

- Rishin Kadakia


The AMSA poster session was an amazing opportunity. It gave me the chance to present my research at a national level and network with my peers.

- Mihir Shah


I was so delighted to participate in the poster session at the AMSA Annual Convention. It was a particularly valuable experience because it gave me the opportunity to interact with medical students from other schools, share ideas, and learn from one another.

- Casey deDeugd


I was able to share my research, connect with students of similar interests, and practice my presentation skills. Regardless of whether you are pursuing the research route or not, this is a good experience to have under your belt.

- Onyee Chan