Funding Your Way
to Convention

We understanding that funding yourself to an event like this can be difficult. Let us make some suggestions to help!

AMSA Can Help
Reach Out To Your School

We feel so strongly about getting you here to experience the exceptional programming and collaboration opportunities, that we've gone all out to provide a wide variety of ways to supplement the costs of attending AMSA's Annual Convention. Here's a few:

  • Remember to Register Early
    Register by our early-bird deadline and save almost 20% on your registration fees.

  • Serve on a Nominations, Credentials or Reference Committee
    These committees ensure the smooth functioning of the HOD and national officer elections and are an excellent way for AMSA members to get involved nationally. Registration fees are waived for selected committee members.

  • Share a Hotel Room
    Consider sharing a room (up to 4 per room) with others in your chapter for a way to save.

  • Drive and Avoid Expensive Travel Fees
    When location allows, our members enjoy very inexpensive travel by teaming up with others and hitting the road. If you attend school within 6 hours of the convention, consider the drive and awesome savings!

  • Apply for Funds Through AMSA's Scholars & Dollars Program
    Through the generous support of our partner, Bank of America, we are offering $100 scholarship to offset the conference registration. Apply early. Application Deadline: November 2, 2014

All you need to do is ask. You may be able to have your registration fees fully or partially funded if you ask your school to support your participation at AMSA’s convention. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Some Schools Do Support Student Participation
    Every year AMSA members have been able to attain some financial support by asking their dean of student affairs or similar position.

  • Timing Is Key
    Plan to approach your dean soon before the end of year holidays!

  • Download A Sample Request
    To assist you in your effort, we’re providing a sample letter from Britani Kessler, AMSA's 2014-2015 National President, that you can personalize to fit your needs.

    -Sample Individual Funding Request

    -AMSA President Funding Request (Premed)

    -AMSA President Funding Request (Med)

  • Thank You Goes a Long Way
    Thank your school after the event so they hear about the positive experience it was for you.

    Sample Thank You Letter to Dean


Questions? Contact member services at 800.767.2266
or email us at