Develop your leadership skills and make important professional connections through this inspiring and energizing two-evening event.

CORE Leadership Forum


July 30-31, 2014 (Each Evening, 6:00-9:00 pm EDT)

Congratulations on becoming an AMSA chapter officer with the distinct honor of representing the needs and interests of physicians-in-training. All of us at AMSA are excited about your leadership year, and we are committed to providing you the training, resources, and support necessary for your success. Whether your chapter is established and thriving, new and growing, or being revitalized under your leadership, you can count on AMSA’s national student leaders and staff to help you meet your goals.

We are here to ensure that your year gets started on the right path. You are invited to participate in the AMSA Chapter Officer Recruitment and Engagement Leadership Forum (CORE LF), our annual summer leadership training retreat designed exclusively for chapter officers like you. This year, we are bringing CORE LF to you, wherever you are, through the live online meeting space provided by AMSA’s national partner, Kaplan Test Prep, the leading organization in live online learning.

Throughout CORE LF, you will engage with national AMSA student leaders and other chapter officers in real time conversations and skills practice. You’ll be connected to your fellow leaders through video, audio, moderated chat and interactive polls. You will be an active participant in your own development, not merely a passive viewer. Together, we’ll discuss and exchange ideas on how to lead a thriving AMSA chapter, connecting chapter and member experiences to AMSA’s mission and work. You’ll learn and practice the skills of telling your AMSA narrative, the stories of what AMSA means to you as a physician-in-training. Recruitment, programming, advocacy and community service are just some of the topics we’ll cover. Each activity will engage you and your fellow chapter leaders.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014
6:00 - 6:40pm Welcome and Introduction: YOU Are AMSA!
This session will offer you a brief introduction to some of AMSA's national leaders and help you understand the goals for this leadership training retreat. We will celebrate our shared history as an organization for physicians-in-training, connecting our past to your future.
6:45 - 8:05pm Your AMSA Narrative
Humans are natural story tellers. Whether you recognize it in yourself or not, you have the innate ability to tell stories. You do it all the time. You have a story to tell about what AMSA means to you that can and will inspire anyone who hears you tell it. Learn how to craft your AMSA story and create meaningful connections with others.
8:05 - 8:15pm Stretch Break
8:15 - 9:00pm AMSA Is YOUR Training Ground
AMSA is an organization for students, led by students. Our motto is, "It takes more than medical school to make a physician." In this session we'll discuss the programming, resources, and opportunities for professional development, education, advocacy, and skills building available to AMSA members at the national and local levels. Learn how your chapter can be involved in, and even receive funding for, national events, initiatives and collaborations with AMSA partner organizations.
Thursday, July 31, 2014
6:00 - 6:40pm YOU Are the Face of AMSA: Recruiting and Engaging Students
You've stepped up as the leader of an AMSA chapter. You have the opportunity to distinguish yourself as a leader who is effective in growing and strengthening your chapter and your chapter's influence in your academic community. You have the opportunity to create and nurture a community of physicians-in-training united around a powerful vision of student-centered medical education and patient-centered healthcare. You've already learned to share your AMSA story, now learn how to support others in creating theirs.
6:45 - 7:15pm Practice Your Recruitment Skills!
Whether engaging with fellow students, your deans, or your congressional representatives, you are in a powerful position as an AMSA leader, speaking as a physician-in-training. You have the power to influence people, capture their imagination, "make the ask," and rally them into action. Confidence comes with practice, which will improve your effectiveness as an AMSA leader. This session will feature role plays demonstrating best practices for recruiting new members, engaging with your administration and meeting with legislative representatives.
7:15 - 7:25pm Stretch Break
7:25 - 8:05pm Make Your Meetings Meaningful and Your Events Impactful
AMSA is a "place" beyond institutional and geographic boundaries where students can create community, share ideas, organize for action, and express their growing identity as physicians-in-training. The AMSA chapter is a community-within-a community, which can address and serve the unique needs and goals of the students at your school. Designing meaningful chapter meetings, events, and experiences for your community requires thoughtful reflection and diligent planning. Learn best practices from national leaders and successful chapter officers that will help you plan for your chapter's most successful year yet.
8:10 - 8:50pm Make YOUR VOICE Heard
Individual AMSA members have access to channels through which they may voice their opinions, express their needs, and share their vision for the organization they call home. Whether through your chapter, your region, or your House of Delegates (HOD) at the annual Convention, AMSA members hold the power to shape AMSA according to the evolving needs and contexts experienced by physicians-in-training. Learn how chapter officers can support AMSA members in taking true ownership of AMSA, the largest and oldest independent, student-led organization representing future physicians.
8:50 - 9:00pm Wrap Up
CORE LF is just the beginning of your journey as an AMSA chapter officer and leader. You have the inspiration and the vision for your chapter, shaped by the inspiration and vision shared by all of us in AMSA. We are in this together - let's share the work and support each other to bring our vision to life.


CORE LF is Online

Kaplan Test PrepAMSA is partnering with Kaplan Test Prep to bring you directly into the training and the conversation! Through Kaplan's Classroom Anywhere platform, you'll be able to participate and contribute to the discussion through polls, chat, and moderated breakout sessions. So join us online without having to leave your couch!