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Transgender Health

  • Transgender Health Concerns and Treatment Practices: A Primer for Medical Students
    Author: Teresa Bair
    The goal of this handout is to quickly and easily provide medical students with enough information about the needs, concerns, and standard medical treatments of trans patients, that an initial encounter with a transgender patient will be a positive experience for both the patient and provider.
    Disclaimer: Please feel free to use or present this project, but Teresa Bair should be cited. This project may be modified.

  • Transgender Health for Medical Students
    Author: Amy Woods
    This presentation is designed to give medical students a basic understanding of Transgender Health issues. Topics which are covered include terminology, statistics, health disparities, standards of care, and what we can do as medical students. The transgender definitions worksheet, referenced in the powerpoint, can be accessed here.
    Feel free to contact Amy with any questions (
    Disclaimer: Please feel free to use or present this project, but Amy Woods should be cited. This project may be modified.

  • Sexual Histories: Thinking Outside the (Gender) Box
    Author: Remigio Roque
    This presentation discusses the issue of taking a sexual history from patients who are transgender or are outside of the traditional gender binary and is intended for medical students in the pre-clinical years with some knowledge of both medical/sexual history taking and transgender populations. The importance of taking a good sexual history from any patient is reviewed, with special emphasis on some of the important issues facing the trans* community. The bulk of the presentation presents a few case studies for interactive discussion that will allow participants to think about not only what questions they should be asking but what their motivations are for asking those questions and how they approach asking them. Hopefully it will be revealed that most of the skills needed to take a good history of a trans* patient are the same skills already learned, but that the provider may need to re-frame how they ask the questions in order to make the provider-patient interaction most beneficial.
    Disclaimer: Please feel free to use or present this project, but the author should be cited. This project maybe be modified, but this should be stated when giving the presentation. (e.g. "Sexual Histories: Thinking Outside the (Gender) Box", adapted from a presentation by Remigio Roque).

  • Medically Necessary? Genital Reassignment Surgery for Transsexual Women
    This presentation provides a brief overview of GRS and uses published data to evaluate the procedure in the context of the legal definition of medically necessary procedures.
    Disclaimer: Please enjoy and learn from this project, but please do not use or present it.

  • Trans Health 101 PowerPoint
    Trans Health 101 Resources
    Trans Health 101 Worksheet
    Author: Becca Hartog
    Description: This is an interactive presentation combined with a panel of transgender people, intended to be done as an evening activity or "lunch talk" for medical students of all years. The objective is for students to gain exposure to a minority patient population that lacks strong representation in the average medical school curriculum. Med students will gain exposure to and talk to transgender folks. In the process, students will learn about how transgender patients would like their care providers to treat them and begin to learn about some ways to demonstrate respect for their future transgender patients. This project could easily be adapted for health professionals in all fields (e.g. nursing, PA, counseling, etc).
    Disclaimer: Please feel free to use or present this project, but the author's name should be cited. This project may be modified.

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