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February 26 - March 1, 2015 

Reproductive Health

  • A Medical Student's Guide: Talking to Women About Pregnancy Options
    Author: Megan Evans
    This document is designed to help medical students successfully counsel women considering abortion with an unbiased and professional approach. In this document, we will examine the use of language in counseling women, review how to best counsel women in regard to their options, and apply this knowledge to several common scenarios.
    Disclaimer: Please feel free to use or present this project, but author’s name should be cited. This project may not be modified without the permission of the author,

  • Sexual Consequences of Infertility
    This presentation addresses the interplay between sex for pleasure and sex for reproduction. Particularly, it focuses on the sexual dysfunction that can result when couples struggle with infertility. It explores some of the psychological and biological reasons behind sexual dysfunction in the setting of infertility and positive ways to support patients facing these challenges.
    Disclaimer: Please feel free to use or present this project, but AMSA National Sexual Health Scholars Program should be cited. This project may be modified.

  • A Clinician's Brief Guide to Families with Same-Sex Parents
    Author: Anonymous
    Description: This presentation covers important information on families headed by same-sex parents. An increasing number of children are being raised by same-sex parents, and pediatricians and other clinicians should be aware of the unique health-related issues that such families must face.
    Disclaimer: Please feel free to learn from this project, but please do not use or present it.

AMSA Academy

AMSA AcademyAMSA Academy, established by and for students, is a training ground for physician leaders, empowering medical students to effect change in medicine.