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Sexual Violence & Abuse

  • Childhood Sexual Abuse
    Pocket Guide
    Author: Andrea Clark
    What medical students need to know about this important topic! Includes information on prevalence, physical exam findings, and reporting of abuse. This project includes a powerpoint that can be used as a self-learning module or a presentation. It also includes a pocket card of basic tips.
    Disclaimer: Please feel free to use or present this project, but Andrea Clark should be cited. This project may be modified.

  • Sexual Violence within and towards the LGBTQ community
    Author: Nicole Mushero
    This project seeks to explain the prevalence of sexual violence that LGBTQ people face, both at the hands of intimate partners and within that community at large. Sexual violence is a large problem in society and LGBTQ people are not unaffected by this, and sometimes are at greater risk of victimization because of their queer identities. There are specific risk factors and manifestations of sexual violence that clinicians should be aware of when dealing with this patient population. In addition, I hope to expose some biases that may be present against LGBT people that inhibit or prohibit them from seeking or receiving help. Finally, I want clinicians to be aware of some of the common medical manifestations of sexual violence that are not obvious and how to help a patient who discloses that they have experienced sexual violence.
    Disclaimer: Please feel free to use or present this project, but Nicole Mushero should be cited. This project may not be modified without the permission of the author

  • Please also see the section, Teaching About Sex for a project about "Educating on Sexual Violence".

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