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Integrative Medicine Scholars Program

An Online Learning Community and Course

Fall 2014 - Spring 2015

The AMSA Integrative Medicine Scholars Program is an online series of interactive lectures and activities which will widen participants’ perspective on medicine. The goal of the program is not only to introduce participants to many tools they may be able to incorporate into their treatment of patients (e.g. acupuncture, yoga, herbal medicine, nutritional interventions, etc) but also to encourage and facilitate personal use of self-care techniques (e.g. journaling, meditation). Webinar sessions will revolve around various complementary and alternative (CAM) techniques, each introduced by amazing physicians and other practitioners out in the field. Additionally, each scholar will be required to experience a new integrative medicine modality of their choice (e.g. yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, etc). Finally, to help participants truly own the experience, scholars will create a “Project in a Box” relating to the program, ranging from poster presentations to game and videos, which will be made available to medical students nation-wide to help raise awareness of the value and scope of integrative medicine. At the end of the program, scholars will write and share a reflection of the experience.

Our perspective is that Integrative Medicine is not just a set of extra tools in your tool belt – it is a commitment to self-care and a mind-body-spirit approach to patient care. We hope you will apply to join us in this exciting journey, and be open to new experiences, connections, and ideas about health and healing.


The program will consist of biweekly 1-2 hour online webinar meetings running from October through April. The online meetings will be led by an expert guest speaker or a panel of speakers on a given topic. Prior to the meeting, scholars will be expected to review an article assigned by the speaker(s). During the presentation, scholars are given the opportunity (and are encouraged) to share their own experiences and ask questions. Additionally, scholars are expected to read a text (TBA) chosen by the program coordinators and will be given opportunities to discuss the text over the course of the program. Feedback will be obtained from each participant after each session via a web-based evaluation form. This will be used to improve the program in the future.


*This is a tentative schedule.

  • Oct 1st – Introduction to IMSP
  • Oct 8th 2014
  • Oct 22nd 2014
  • Nov 5th 2014
  • Nov 19th 2014
  • Dec 3rd 2014
  • Jan 7th 2015
  • Jan 21st 2015
  • Feb 4th 2015
  • Feb 18th 2015
  • Mar 4th 2015
  • Mar 18th 2015
  • April 1st 2015
  • April 15st 2015

Learning Objectives

By the end of the program, students should be able to:

  • Develop broader knowledge in a variety of topics in integrative medicine and CAM
  • Introduce their medical communities to alternative medicine modalities with confidence and knowledge of supportive medical literature on the topic
  • Develop a respect for the strengths and limitations of applying evidence-based medicine principles to the circumstances of an individual patient
  • Develop a respect for the potential of a variety of healing approaches to be effective for the treatment of certain conditions
  • Produce educational materials such as those created through the “Project in a Box”
  • Be leaders in integrative, mind-body-spirit patient care

Participant Expectations

  • Attendance is mandatory. If a participant has to miss a webinar session, it will be required of the participant to write a reflection paper on a scholarly article in Integrative Medicine of their choice. No more than two absences will be allowed for the entire program. Additionally, participants must complete all post-webinar evaluations to help improve the program.
  • Participants will read assigned readings prior to the webinar meeting.
  • Participants will engage in discussions of the text (TBD) the program coordinators choose.
  • Participants will create an integrative medicine “Project in a Box” that will be available to all medical students to increase knowledge of integrative medicine.
  • Participants are expected to participate in one integrative medicine modality that they have not tried in the past. They will be required to share their experience by writing a reflection.

Program Registration

Registration is now closed.

AMSA Student Member $35
Non-Member $135*
* Non-member fee includes AMSA membership, if applicable

For More Information

For questions contact Kavita, our program leader at

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