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Past AMSA Presidents

Thank you to all our past presidents, who dedicated years of AMSA local and national leadership before taking a year off to devote themselves full time to the mission and objectives of the organization!

2014-2015      Britani Kessler, DO, Nova Southeastern Univ COM
2013-2014      Nida Degesys, MD, Northeast Ohio Medical University
2012-2013      Elizabeth Wiley, MD, JD, MPH, George Washington University
2011-2012      Danielle Salovich, MD, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
2010-2011      John Brockman, Case Western Reserve University
2009-2010      Lauren S. Hughes, MD, MPH, Univ. of Iowa College of Medicine
2008-2009      Brian Hurley, MD, MBA, Keck School of Medicine
2007-2008      Michael Ehlert, MD, Case Western Reserve Univ.
2006-2007      Jay Bhatt, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
2005-2006      Leana Wen, Washington University SOM
2004-2005      Brian Palmer, MD, MS, MPH, Mayo Medical School
2003-2004      Lauren Oshman, MD, MPH, Baylor College of Medicine
2002-2003      Eric Hodgson, MD, University of Maryland SOM
2001-2002      Jaya Agrawal, MD, Brown University
2000-2001      Sindhu Srinivas, MD, UMDNJ New Jersey Med School, Newark
1999-2000      David Grande, MD, Ohio State Univ.
1998-1999      Brad Deal, MD, Medical Univ. of South Carolina
1997-1998      Kavita Patel, MD, Univ. of Texas - San Antonio
1996-1997      Andrew Nowalk, PhD, Univ. of Pittsburgh
1995-1996      Lydia Vaias, MD, Temple Univ.
1994-1995      Terrence Steyer, MD, Case Western Reserve
1993-1994      David V. Evans, MD, Univ. of Pittsburgh
1992-1993      Elizabeth Morrison, MD, Brown Univ.
1991-1992      Eric E. Whitaker, MD, MPH, U. of Chicago-Pritzker
1990-1991      Brad Snyder, MD, Washington Univ.
1989-1990      Jim Slayton, MD, Stanford Univ.
1988-1989      Cindy Osman, MD, Brown Univ.
1987-1988      P. Preston Reynolds, MD, PhD, Duke Univ.
1986-1987      Jeffrey Stolz, MD, MPH, UNC-Chapel Hill
1985-1986      Helen Burstin, MD, SUNY-Syracuse
1984-1985      William J. Kassler, MD, MPH, MSEd Univ. of Massachusetts
1983-1984      Valerie E. Stone, MD, MPH, Yale Univ.
1982-1983      Patrick S. Romano, MD, MPH, Georgetown Univ.
1981-1982      Kathleen Jennison Goonan, MD, Univ. of California @ Davis
1980-1981      Rocio A. Huet, MD, Univ. of Michigan
1979-1980      Charlie Clements, MD, Univ. of Washington
1978-1979      Jack Rutledge, MD, Duke Univ.
1977-1978      Douglas Campos-Outcalt, MD, Univ. of Arizona
1976-1977      Kevin Fickenscher, MD, Univ. of North Dakota
1975-1976      Laurel Cappa, MD, MPH, Case Western Reserve
1974-1975      James Ted Norris, MD, PhD, UTMB-Galveston
1973-1974      Russell W. H. Kridel, MD, Univ. of Cincinnati
1972-1973      George M. Blatti, MD, Univ. of Minnesota
1971-1972      Bruce G. Fagel, MD, JD, Univ. of Illinois
1970-1971      Charles E. Payton, MD, UC - San Francisco
1969-1970      Edward D. Martin, MD, Univ. of Kansas
1968-1969      Charles Clement Lucas, Jr., MD, Univ. of NC @ Chapel Hill
1967-1968      David A. Kindig, MD, PhD, Univ. of Chicago
1966-1967      Blair R. Behringer, MD, Univ. of Missouri
1965-1966      James P. Moss, MD, Univ. of Louisville
1964-1965      John W. Packer, MD, Bowman Gray
1963-1964      Robert O. Voy, MD, Univ. of Oregon
1962-1963      James A. Brooks, MD, Univ. of Oregon
1961-1962      William B. Weglicki, Jr., MD, Univ. of Maryland
1960-1961      William B. Waddel, MD, Duke Univ.
1959-1960      William R. Kirkham, MD, Univ. of Oklahoma
1958-1959      E. Carwile LeRoy, MD, Univ. of North Carolina
1957-1958      Robert E. Rakel, MD, Univ. of Cincinnati
1956-1957      J. Kent Guild, MD, Northwestern Univ.
1955-1956      John A. Belt, MD, Univ. of Oregon
1954-1955      John A. Oates, Jr., MD, Bowman Gray
1953-1954      John H. Caskey, MD, Baylor
1952-1953      David Buchanan, MD, Univ. of S. Dakota School of Med Sciences
1950-1952      Warren R. Mullen, MD, Univ. of Michigan

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AMSA Executive Directors

We'd also like to give a shout out to our executive directors who have, through the years and behind the scenes, kept our organization running smoothly and moving forward!

  • 2014- Joshua Caulfiel, IOM
  • 2008-12 Carol Williams-Nickelson, PsyD
  • 2007-08 Paul R. Wright
  • 2006-07 John B. Cudahy
  • 1978-06 Paul R. Wright
  • 1976-77 Louis Gianacola, MPH
  • 1968-75 Charles C. Hewitt, JD
  • 1950-67 Russell F. Staudacher

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