AMSA Fellows

Teddy Fagrelius"The opportunities to enhance your medical education are abundant, but ultimately, working with AMSA is about the friendships, commitments, and passions that connect this unique group of inspirational leaders!"

Teddy Fagrelius
PharmFree Fellow, 2013-2014

AMSA 2014-2015 Fellowship Program

Application Deadline: Sunday, October 6, 2013 (11:59pm PT)

AMSA’s Fellowship Program is an intensive one-year long educational immersion experience. Through experiential education, mentorship, professional development opportunities, and individual scholarly pursuits, fellows support AMSA’s vision while gaining knowledge about organizational development and leadership. Fellows work to improve medical education for all physicians-in-training and champion reform to improve the lives of the patients they will one day serve. Upon completion of this program, fellows will be uniquely equipped to deal with the challenges of a complex health care system and affect positive change in their chosen profession.

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Education & Research Fellow position.

Core Components of the AMSA Fellowship Program

  • Experiential Education – Fellows will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the day-to-day organization of a national association. They will work alongside a dynamic professional staff to further AMSA’s goals while developing an appreciation for and general understanding of association management.

  • Mentorship – Fellows will be able to receive and provide mentorship throughout their experience. Fellows serve as a resource to AMSA National Leaders in the Fellow’s content area. Fellows will also be mentored by local professionals who they identify as content experts in their fellowship’s focus area and are welcome to maintain existing mentorship relationships from afar. Fellows will work closely with all AMSA staff, and will be members of the Senior Management and Strategy Team (SMST). Fellows will report directly to the Education and Research Director (ERD).

  • Professional Development – Fellows’ knowledge and skills will be enhanced by participation in meetings and conferences relevant to their respective content areas, role responsibilities, and personal interests. Formal and informal learning opportunities within AMSA and through AMSA’s extensive network of partner organizations may provide training and practical application in areas including grassroots organizing, lobbying/policy-making, teaching, health care systems, organizational development, leadership, and others based on input by current Fellows.

  • Scholarly Project – Fellows will have the opportunity to pursue a project of their personal interest, as it relates to the content area of the individual fellowship. This project will allow the fellow to delve deeply into a topical area they are passionate about while providing a tangible product for AMSA. The design and identification of project deliverables will be determined through consultation with the ERD and Executive Director.

Program Description

  • AMSA’s fellowships are paid, full-time, year-long intensive educational experiences that support the mission and current activities of AMSA, along with the complementary activities and goals of partner organizations, as relevant.
  • Eligible AMSA members are selected to serve as Fellows through a competitive process overseen by AMSA’s Executive Director and the Education and Research Director, and AMSA retains primary responsibility for the supervision and employment of all Fellows.
  • AMSA’s fellowships maintain a priority focus on the education and professional development experience of Fellow, while he/she works to actualize AMSA’s and AMSA’s partners’ organizational goals.
  • AMSA’s fellowships have clearly defined and achievable objectives (articulated above in the fellow descriptions) from which to formulate an explicit work plan. The work plan is developed in collaboration with the fellow and key organizational representatives during the first three weeks of full-time work to both determine and outline specific implementation steps and deliverables to meet the stated objectives of the position.
  • AMSA’s fellowships are organized under AMSA’s formal fellowship program; AMSA’s Education and Research Director serves as the fellowship program director, with additional support from the Executive Director.
  • AMSA’s fellowships are all based out of the AMSA office in Sterling, VA, wherein the fellows are provided with equivalent stipends and benefits and held accountable to similar professional and employment expectations. Arrangements for remote work, either partial or full-time, may be considered and negotiated for exceptionally qualified candidates.
  • Fellows are expected to participate in the Building On Foundations (BOF) meeting, tentatively scheduled for May 1-4, 2014. Fellows’ attendance at BOF is mandatory and fully funded.
  • Fellows are expected to participate in the activities of the fellowship program, which include regular supervision meetings with the ERD and Executive Director, didactic trainings/seminars, select staff meetings, and similar activities that involve the fellow in the day to day work and responsibilities of all AMSA office personnel.
  • In service to the goals of the fellowship program, content area experts will be identified and cultivated as mentors for all AMSA fellows.


A qualified candidate must be:

  • An AMSA member (experience as an AMSA leader at the national or local level is preferred, but not required.
  • A student enrolled in a graduate health program (MD, DO, MPH, PhD, etc.) in good academic standing;
  • Available to work full time out of the AMSA office in Sterling, VA, from May 2014 through May 2015 (exact start date negotiable);
  • Able to work collaboratively with others to develop and achieve the goals in a work plan, with limited supervision;
  • Able to demonstrate excellent speaking, writing, interpersonal, and leadership skills;
  • Able to work well on a team and with professional office staff; and
  • Accountable.

The ideal candidate is energetic, well organized, creative, and passionate about AMSA’s mission and goals. AMSA fellowships are highly desired and they provide a unique learning opportunity for motivated students who enjoy organizing projects, cultivating strong leaders, and problem-solving in a high-intensity, productive, and evolving environment.


Each fellow receives:

  • A stipend of approximately $56,000 for the period of the fellowship paid in equal installments over the course of the fellowship;
  • Full employment benefits, which includes free health care, dental, life, dismemberment and disability insurance, along with co-premium vision, beginning the first full month after the first day of the fellowship and ending the last day of the month of the fellowship;
  • Ten (10) days of Paid Time Off within the fellowship year;
  • Paid Holidays (Holiday schedule is the same as staff and averages 12 scheduled holidays per year);
  • Compensatory time off for working weekends and long hours;
  • Reimbursement for moving expenses up to a total of $1000 per fellow;
  • Reimbursement for expenses related to pre-approved travel, such as travel for meetings and conferences, typically around $5000; and
  • Professional development funds (or loan interest payments, as eligible) up to $1,000 for the Fellow to engage in educational activities of specific interest and relevance to his/her career, and as approved by the Education and Research Director.

Application Instructions

The following materials must be submitted directly to Dr. Jeff Koetje, Education and Research Director, at by the deadline: Sunday, October 6, 2013, 11:59 pm PT.

  1. CV (including your name, current address, phone number and email).
  2. A letter or certificate from your medical school indicating that you are in good standing (this information may be combined with #3).
  3. A letter of recommendation, emailed directly to Dr. Koetje from a supervisor, academic advisor, faculty mentor, or dean who can comment on her or his support of you taking a year of absence from your graduate studies for the fellowship, and provide an evaluation of your maturity, work style, leadership abilities, and character strengths and weaknesses relevant to your ability to execute the responsibilities of the fellowship for which you are applying.
  4. A letter of interest, not exceeding two pages, stating the fellowship position for which you are applying, and describing what you hope to accomplish personally and professionally as a result of the fellowship, if selected.
  5. A draft work plan that includes suggested implementation steps to meet the general objectives of the fellowship for which you are applying and priorities of AMSA, not to exceed 3 pages. Applicants may consult with the current Fellows in the development of their draft work plan.
  6. A rationale and proposal for up to two personally meaningful projects you would like to pursue during your fellowship that complement the educational goals and general focus of the fellowship for which you are applying. Each project proposal should not exceed 3 pages.

Applicant Timeline

  • alarm clock October 6, 2013 (11:59pm PT)
    Completed applications due
  • October 11, 2013
    Top candidates notified and phone interviews scheduled
  • October 14 - 18, 2013
    Phone Interviews with candidates
  • October 25, 2013
    Candidates selected and notified
  • November 1, 2013
    Letters of employment sent to selected candidates

Past Fellows Speak Out

Kao-Ping Chua"Applying for an AMSA Fellowship was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. My year at AMSA gave me the inside-the-beltway perspective of the health care system and provided me with the tools to influence this perspective from the outside. I got a chance to work with national experts on policy, influential leaders in the advocacy community, and most of all, a fantastic group of fellow medical students passionate about health care reform. I'm now embarking on a health policy research career, and I feel like I will have a comparative advantage because my research will be informed by the real-world lessons I learned by working with AMSA in Washington, D.C."
Kao-Ping Chua, MD 
AMSA Fellow, 2005-2006

Kao-Ping recently finished his pediatrics residency at Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA. He is currently getting his MPH at Harvard School of Public Health.




Casey KirkHart, DO"While much of medical school for me was a blur, my year as an AMSA Fellow was - without a doubt - the most memorable and transformational experience of my medical career. My AMSA position developed the leadership, teaching, and advocacy skills that I had set aside during medical school only to flourish during my AMSA year, opening doors and career opportunities in the process. Above all, I made connections with like-minded medical students and cherished, life-long friendships. If this position calls to you and your future in medicine, do what you need to do to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."
Casey KirkHart, DO
AMSA Fellow, 2004-2005


Casey finished his residency at Harbor-UCLA Family Medicine in 2009. He now works at the Saban Free Clinic in Los Angeles, CA.