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~Winston Churchill


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TEACH: Teen Education and Careers in Healthcare

Are you interested in inspiring young people to pursue careers in healthcare? Do you like working with children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds?

The TEACH project-in-a-box aims to spark interest in healthcare careers by providing information in a fun way to underserved middle and high school students. Everything you need is available for download! No work required, except for you to show up and inspire!

The TEACH project-in-a-box already includes:

  • A powerpoint presentation that can be tailored for your individual time-needs.
  • A hefty information packet with everything you need to know about 50+ healthcare careers!
  • Project ideas for additional fun, hands-on acitivities.
  • A sample script, just in case you're not quite sure what to say.

If you're interested, download the zipped file that works best for the age level you plan to address. Keep in mind that everything included can be edited by you to better fit your audience!

Increasing the Pipeline through TEACH

To increase the diversity of the physician workforce, we believe students must be exposed to the possibility of a career in health care as early as possible. This service initiative will foster interest in health care careers by training premedical students to engage and mentor high school students from underserved communities who are interested in health profession careers. The hope is to create sustainable programs that include a tutoring component to assist these high school students with math, reading, science and problem based learning skills as well as a training component to empower them to enact public health and preventive health change within their communities.