Take Action on Your Campus!

Find partners in your city:

Plan an event on your campus:

CONSTRUCT a team to help implement the vision.

CHOOSE a date, time and location.

CREATE your action.

You have several possibilities to raise awareness or provide training:

  • HOST A FILM SCREENING. End the movie with a discussion.
    Sex + Money – This must see film highlights what is taking place in our nation. View trailer (awareness film).
    Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking – click on DMST tab (training videos).
    More possible films

  • INVITE A SPEAKER. Many offer training about identifying trafficking victims. Try contacting a local organization or finding a physician that is active in this fight. See links above, try a Google search, or call 1-888-3737-888 to ask about organizations in your area.

  • GIVE A PRESENTATION YOURSELF! You can use presentations available online.
    Trafficking in Persons: A Primer for the Health Care Professional (CMDA)
    Teaching Module and Powerpoint Presentation (developed by Makini Chisolm-Straker, AMSA member)

  • ORGANIZE LEGISLATIVE ACTION. Find out what is happening in your state.
    Support anti-trafficking legislation.
    Organize students to contact your representatives.
    Hold a lobby day - Round up as many fellow supporters as you can and schedule meetings with your senators and representatives. Even if you only get in with their advisers, take advantage of the opportunity.

  • TAKE IT TO THE CLASSROOM. Suggest that a professor introduce your topic in class. Professors can be very receptive to this type of request, if you follow these suggestions: Introduce your idea in a nonthreatening way, i.e., send the appropriate professor an e-mail introducing yourself, your idea and what type of result you'd like to achieve (inclusion of the information in a lecture, etc.); offer to do the research and provide materials; if you're successful, be sure to follow up with a thank-you note and an expression of appreciation. You can also take this same tact and volunteer to give the talk.

  • SUPPORT VICTIMS. Partner awareness efforts with raising funds, supporting businesses and ethical shopping. Many organizations sell products to support victims. Consider having these items available at your awareness event.

  • BE CREATIVE! Create something new and let us know about it.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED to plan your event
is included in the Campaign Toolkit to the right.

If you need help planning your event or have questions, please contact us.

Organize a Campaign

Be sure to visit AMSA’s Activism Toolbox: Your Guide to Grassroots Action. Comprehensive resources for organizing and executing a strategic campaign, including step-by-step guides.

Following organization, make sure to promote your event well!

  • Utilize student body email listservs (contact Student Services or Medical Education offices).
  • Post flyers on campus and in the hospital. We have some available in our toolkit below. (You can also order materials for your campaign – HHS materials, poster, cards)
  • Send letters to local community organizations inviting their representatives and partnership.

American Trafficking

Campaign Toolkit

Find everything you need to make this a success! 

Fact Sheets

Event Resources

  • Promotional Posters and Flyers
    Simply fill in the details for your event. Feel free to edit these.
  • Letter to Community Organizations/Members
  • Email to Student Body, Faculty

Pocket Reference Card

Order cards to distribute to victims